Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to have a good reading

Last night I was sleeping peacefully and at some point got a message that I needed to talk about the different type of readers out there.  In my dream I was reading for someone and they said, "well the other reader said."  So here I go....  Hold onto your hats.. 

What makes a reading good vs bad?
Here they go, in order, I am even numbering them because I am awesome that way!

1.  Expectations:  What are you looking for when you go into the reading.  Now as a Medium/Reader I do not want you to go ahead and tell me, "I want to talk to my grandmother who just passed."  I want you to say, "I am looking for direction, or missing someone."  The point is if you go in expecting to get names, dates and locations from a Medium and that isn't how they read, you will be disappointed.  I always tell people, put your expectations aside and listen to the messages.

2.  A scam artist.  I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH about this.  Do not just go and have a reading done at a "Psychic shop" on the side of the road unless you have had a referral or the rates are reasonable and it seems like a fun thing to do.  This is NOT saying that every business that is on the side of the road is a scam business but I am using that as an example.  Ask people, look for references, it's okay!

3.  Be kind to the Medium/Reader:  Many of us have guides and angels, if you come at us attacking us we are going to shut down and you will not get a read.  Listen I get being a skeptic, I am a skeptic of many readers because I have dealt with a lot of frauds taking money from vulnerable people.  So my recommendation is be kind and if your reading is really lousy, this happens withe even the best readers, tell them nicely and say, "I don't think I got what I wanted out of this." 

4.  An off day:  I watched Theresa Caputo do a televised event and she spent a good amount of time NOT getting anything.  When you watch these shows on Mediums/Psychics they show you what they got right, not what was off that day.  Remember there is a human behind the tag name of Reader, Medium, light worker, etc.

5.  Medium/Reader shopping:  You can not compare apple to oranges.  Well you can but the only thing they have in common is they are good for you right.  I mean other than that the taste, the skin, where they grow, all different.  Mediums/Readers/Light Workers and even healers all work differently.  Some of us are similar but we all have differences.  Here you go, I don't get names, I don't, souls, true pure souls do not have a name.  Sorry, you want me to say it's Uncle Bob, I don't get that, I won't get the name of your favorite places.  I get impressions, sensations, pictures and such.  I always wanted to build up my name ability but in the end, is it important if I can describe their personality and give you information that there is no way I would know about you?  People often get so wrapped up in details of EARTH specifics, and I work as a healer so my messages are to touch in with you, help you grow and find peace.  Know what kind of Medium you are working with.

I hope this helps, be blessed and be well.

So how is your Garden Growing?


  1. Agreed so much with this. Thank you for posting. I find that the expectations are really the root of the problem- What they expect the reader to give them. Then there is always the fortune telling aspect- they want to know the future- and I would too However the cards act as guides versus fortune telling. Is interesting- and will share with others xx

  2. Yes and as I tell everyone, we can mess up the future in a split second. We are in charge of our own lives for the most part and the path I am on at THIS MOMENT is leading me one direction, but tomorrow it all can change.