Friday, July 28, 2017

Book Writing and the Evolution of a Story

I am not the greatest writer.
I fail basic grammar rules.
I fail keeping my shit together.
I just fail at writing in a proper manner approved by American Standards but screw that noise.

What I fail in grammar correctness, spelling perfection I make up for in passion.
I make up with mental candy and spiritual thoughts.

I am not here to be perfect but to value where I excel and be okay with what I don't.

So here it is:

I was working on my book and at first it was my Ghost Stories and how I embraced by Medium status.  It was about how I embraced ME!  Well how egocentric is that?  I was like, "What are you doing Celeste?  Isn't the point of this book about helping others grow?"

I realized at that moment that this blog has been an evolution too.  As we spiritually grow we start to get more information that is maybe a little different than before.  As this goes on I realize that what I knew before was not wrong, it was correct for that passage in my Journey.

Jesus said to me today during a reading, "Everything is right and nothing is correct."  

All of our beliefs hinge on our up bringing and then the things we read and then.....

The more we explore, the more we push ourselves through meditation and study we learn even more.

My Journey is not right for everyone and some journey's are not right for me.  As I watch some people stop the journey I think, "that is all they need."

Let us not judge other people on their Journey.  Let us not tell them how to get there.  Do not belittle those who do not do as you do but raise them up to find their path.  Help light their way and if they diverge from your path pray a light will come to help them continue on their way.

Spirit, GOD, Universal Knowledge is at every persons spiritual finger tips.  You have to put the time and energy into the meditation, journaling, and studying however that suits you.  Follow your intuition as you study and follow your path.

My new book title.
Spiritual Growth and the BS that comes along with it.
If we can't smile, laugh and be with joy, we are missing the point of the journey.  One can not lead the spiritual evolution with a lower vibration of EGO over running their methodology.  I have taken my ego out of the story and focused on the how to and the consequences of choosing a more spiritual path.  The consequences like letting go of ego and letting go of energies that are pulling you down.  Having to let go of all your teaches and create a vulnerability like you have never felt.  Strip yourself of all trauma and trouble, to rebuild by taking what you need and leaving behind what you don't.

It is a story where I will touch on my experiences as an example but not as the story.
I lost my father in law, my uncle, my father to stroke and then death, my mother, my child inside of me and what is left, a rawness that I had to face.  That rawness in the last year has revised a ton of my understanding.

How does your Garden Grow?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I've been absent from my Blog but not my LIFE

Life has a funny way of twisting and turning is all around.

Since my last blog in June of 2016 my father has passed away, I have moved and I got an office.

In the grand scheme of things I have not written, not just because of the events in my life but because I have been present in my life.

As weird as it sounds I have been trying to make more of an effort of being present in my life and further away from electronics.  I realize that in some ways this has been a blessing and in other ways it has created a void between my creative self and my work/mother/sister/daughter/wife self.

I had spent many years on Improv and Stand-Up, creating laughter is a passion of mine that I dropped.

I had spent many years trying to be more focused on writing, creating thought or entertainment is a passion of mine I dropped.

Sometimes life does this weird thing of redirecting our ego into different directions.  This is not always a bad thing but it is a thing.

I am not more focused on blending all of my parts into one.

The first step is more meditation and being okay with making time for the electronics.  I should not fear the thing that allows me an opportunity to reach out to those I want to.

I am presenting a class on mindfulness as I am focusing more on those things myself.  I have so much knowledge and yet I have not been implementing the techniques and information I have learned.  I have forgotten to release my fear.

As I write this I am putting out to the universe that I trust they will bring forth what I need to honor all previous obligations financially and emotionally I have made.

Blessings to all,
I hope to get back to this blog more frequently and once I start my classes back up hopefully more posts to tie in to conversations regarding the classes.


How does your Garden Grown?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Humanity and it's beautiful twisted faults


I have seen more and more people struggle with saying these four words.


I am allowed to make mistakes
I am allowed to fail people
I am allowed to be angry
I am allowed to be sad
I am allowed to be hurt
I am allowed to not like someone
I am allowed to make a judgment of what is best for me
I am allowed to be hateful 
I am allowed to experience every human emotions there is because I AM HUMAN




As spiritual beings many of us strive to not judge, be a pillar of love and kindness.  We try to talk ourselves out of our every day emotional experiences thinking we need to somehow rise above the humanity in us all.

I think it is beautiful when we get angry!
I think it is beautiful when we are moved to experience emotions.
I think it is necessary for humans to not see as life a battle between being an all loving and perfect soul vs our humanity.

We are here to learn lessons and each of those listed and many more are emotions or moments to grow from.  To just trust that we had a reason to experiences things the way we did.  To not judge ourselves as imperfect but rather imperfectly perfect.

I remember, a few years back, I struggled with accepting that I could be angry or not like people.  I may not like them but I still send them love and compassion.  I hope they grown and learn to be more soul like and less ego like.  The fact of the matter is though, we never will be just soul like until we die.  If I have a mentor come to me like she is already an Angel here I can not trust her.  I need someone who understands the fact we chose to come here and experience life again for a reason.  We should not walk away from the opportunity, but use it to understand how to be more soul like.  

I know that sounds a little contradicting but it isn't.
Our goal here is to experience our selves in a human form, all the while trying to keep in tact our souls purpose.  That purpose is to live in this body with love, compassion and kindness.  To be able to forgive our human side and move forward from the need to control every aspect of our existence.

It's okay to be imperfectly perfect.  Embrace that, love it.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Here I go, oh dear

I have not written in a while and there are a thousand reasons for this.
None of which are valid.
If I then look at the truth, much closer, I can blame Facebook.
I can blame work.
I can blame my children.
I can blame Facebook.

I get so wrapped up in wanting to get away that I forget that I need to get here. 

It is funny how we can waste precious moments of our life. 

I feel like it might be time to end an era. 

End the compulsive addiction to knowing what is going on in the world, and focus on the moments we have left with our world. 

I believe it is time to close down Facebook.

I admit to having an addictive personality, I easily can get wrapped up in stuff that lack importance.  Facebook, games, etc.

I know we need things to do for ourselves, to get away from it all, but that is why I used to write stories.  That is why I write at all.

I am not an English Scholar and screw up grammar stuff all the time.  I am just grateful that my spelling is not terribly atrocious. 

What I am realizing is this, time is precious and I spend far too much of it working.  I spend far too much of it on Facebook.  I am working to have a job that works for me and not me working for a job.  I am working towards doing what I love, teaching more, helping more and hopefully, if all goes well, being there for more people. 

I am going to be focusing on my Blog and questions you may have.

So please, if you can go to

You can also go to my Facebook page celestial messages ct

If you go to my web page it will tell you when I am updating stuff. 

Please consider your life and it's purpose. 

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in stuff, other peoples stuff, but why? 

How does your garden grow?

Mine is in the process of plucking weeds, and it is a much needed process.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Move on or pause and celebrate.

Pondering thoughts:


I was pondering, I was thinking, I was wondering if as a parent I am right, or am I wrong.  Not in a general black and white sense, but in a, for this kid do they need that, does my other kid need this.  I questioned myself about one thing, one very real, solid, tangible human experience that I wonder if we need it.


My daughter plays Cello and she loves it.
When she finishes a piece she moves forward.
She gets something harder, more complex, a challenge. 
Then she gets through that.
She moves on.


This is how learning an instrument works.
This is how education works.
This is how life works.
We learn to crawl.
We move on.
We learn to walk.
We move on.
We learn to run.
We move on.
We learn to babble.
We move on.
We learn to talk.
We move on.
We learn to sing.
We move on.
We move on.

So we celebrate the victories.
We celebrate the moving forwards and the bigger steps.
Do we celebrate the sitting still?
Do we celebrate the resting?
Do we celebrate the quiet peace?

What is wrong with sitting still?

What is wrong with not pushing ourselves to constantly move forward?

Why do the words unmotivated, lazy, even exist?

What if we could celebrate the quiet pauses in life once in a while?

Don’t just push through to victories because as you see above, every victory reached makes you set a new goal.  If one lives their lives constantly trying to move forward but never stops for the quiet pauses and enjoy them, have we even lived really?

Our life should not be constant stress.  It should be moving towards goals with many silent pauses in the middle where we can appreciate all we have done, all we continue to do and all we will become.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Life changes, why is it so hard?

I equate big life changes as this.

Many say they are like climbing up a hill to reach your destination.

I feel more like it's coming down the mountain after you reached the top and falling all the way down with no control.  You are dazed and confused when you get to the end and wonder, "How the hell did I get here and where the hell am I?" 

I prayed to open a daycare for YEARS.  I finally did, I worked hard to get here, but my heart is in helping others.  My heart is in my readings, healing, and spiritual pursuits.

When I was little I used to say I wanted to be a parapsychologist.  That I wanted to work with ghosts but you can't make any money doing that.  I have been proven wrong.  The other great thing about being proven wrong is that now I know what I can do and what I can't.

As I continue to muddle through this process of being pushed off the ledge I often question which direction is going to secure the future.  The funny thing is, really funny thing is, the changes that left me with scrapes, bruises and fear are the ones that have served me the best.  The ones where I felt like I was constantly against a wall pushing forward offered me the most lessons.

So the point is, life changes leave bruises and that is why it's scary.  We wonder how long it will take to heal?  How much time before I get to where I get all the ducks following me again and not tripping me up?  When I fell did I accidently tumble in the wrong direction?  Why am I further away than where I was before?  All of these who, what, where, when and whys leave is curled in a ball sometimes.  We sit there waiting for a rescue party but we realize our only way to our final destination is our own two feet.

So when you fall down the hill and you are wondering why the ground is no longer beneath your feet, when you finally stop.  Know that you were on the wrong path to begin with, so  now you are set right. 

Keep hiking on my friends.

How does your Garden grow?

Mine is growing by leaps and bounds.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


We all make mistakes
We all fuck up
We all hurt people
At some point if we continue to make the same mistakes
It becomes a choice
We need to accept that if we continue to lie to someone it's a choice
If we lie when we don't need to that is a choice
If we cheat once it could be a mistake
More than once, a choice
If we use hurtful words once it's a mistake
If we do it more than once it's a choice

Be the Archer. 


Accept that you are not perfect and made a mistake.

Recover from the pain you caused yourself by the pain you have caused others.

Change your behavior that you keep repeating.  If you promise to change and then repeat the behavior again you have not changed and can not be upset if people block you out of their lives, even if temporary. 

Help yourself move on but let them know you have changed.  You CAN NOT make them forgive you but you can apologize so that you can move on.

End a relationship that keeps creating this toxic behavior in yourself.  Even if you love them it isn't right to continue to hurt someone.  Tuck this away as a lesson.

Release this situation and move on, promise yourself you are going to try to create a better, healthier pattern in other relationships. 

Be the archer.