Sunday, November 22, 2015


We all make mistakes
We all fuck up
We all hurt people
At some point if we continue to make the same mistakes
It becomes a choice
We need to accept that if we continue to lie to someone it's a choice
If we lie when we don't need to that is a choice
If we cheat once it could be a mistake
More than once, a choice
If we use hurtful words once it's a mistake
If we do it more than once it's a choice

Be the Archer. 


Accept that you are not perfect and made a mistake.

Recover from the pain you caused yourself by the pain you have caused others.

Change your behavior that you keep repeating.  If you promise to change and then repeat the behavior again you have not changed and can not be upset if people block you out of their lives, even if temporary. 

Help yourself move on but let them know you have changed.  You CAN NOT make them forgive you but you can apologize so that you can move on.

End a relationship that keeps creating this toxic behavior in yourself.  Even if you love them it isn't right to continue to hurt someone.  Tuck this away as a lesson.

Release this situation and move on, promise yourself you are going to try to create a better, healthier pattern in other relationships. 

Be the archer. 

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