Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time is lost with me

Time is something that gets away from me on a regular basis. I have never lived in this world so to speak. I do have a challenge in understanding that there are days of the week and having assignments due just throws me off. I am baffled by the smallest of time constraints as I feel we should be able to function at our own pace and schedule.

This also does not help me with my concept of driving places and time. The idea of directions is just another mathematical equation that needs not exist. I mean if I close my eyes and meditate I can be where I want to be in moments, not minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc. I can not grasp having to go left instead of right at times and if you are not directionally challenged or time challenged as I am and many of my spiritual friends are, well, this may be confusing.

Attending school has put me into a situation of not understanding. I often say that I am a procrastinator, to some who know me this may actually be an understatement. The things that mean the most to me, emotionally and spiritually are done immediately, those that seem to have little current value are often put off. Sorry! It is just a brain function of mine or is it a SOUL function.

Is it possible to be so connected to the divine that we live with in that realm even when existing on this earth. That we loose the tight connection to the earth, the here and now, the clock so to speak, I feel I have. I am not one with this world, perhaps I never have been. Some might call it ADD or ADHD but fact of the matter is I have neither of those. I can concentrate and get done the things that make sense for my growth right away.

Today is the day that I need to remember that I am part of this world, for as long as I live here on this earth it is important to be considerate of the clock and the days of the week. It is a hard lesson I am facing as deadlines are fast approaching for assignments. I believe I need to keep a schedule, same thing with dinner, I need to start making meal plans or nothing gets done.

I need to remember that as much as I can visit and connect to the divine that is out there, I also have to spend time and live as one on this earth.

How is your spiritual garden growing?

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