Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Raven

The raven sat upon my door

Knocking as he's done before

He sat there quite beautifully

Looking rather humanly

He cleaned and preened

He washed himself

No messages from him come out

I sit and wonder what it is

What the message is with in

I sit and look deep in his eyes

Who is it that has since died

What story do they bring to me

I wonder, thinking rather deep

He flew from door to branch above

He sits in the branch outside

Calling to his friends near by

They come and join the squawking crew

None of them dare bid adieu

They sit and tell their stories long

I wonder what it is that's wrong

I close my eyes and fly outside

I join the birds, my spirit close

I listen to their simple prose

The cleverness of all the the stories

How they fly with out a worry

They see the dead and speak so freely

A Raven's eyes can see so clearly

I realize how little I really know

I travel now through the trees

Rustling about the leaves

I speak to Ravens far and wide

I understand the spiritual side

They do not come to bring bad news

But rather make us feel renewed

We can always see the divine

The Ravens slowly depart

Yet stay close with in my heart

They take flight to somber air

All I can do is stare

Off into the sky above

They disappear yet leave their love

I question not the message now

The message is finally clear

As I open eyes with a tear

Blessed am I to fly like a Raven

To find myself in a spiritual haven

Finding peace of mind at last

Realizing my daily clash

Between understanding the world and divinity

Blessed are we to reach for blessings

Never go and begin second guessing

Recognize each moment for what it is

Something beautiful to keep with in

Let your love poor out to others

Do not just save it for your lovers

The Raven does speak of love and light

Some used to think the Raven as evil

The Raven was something primeval

Truth is the Raven is just a bird

That has taken the time, it has heard

The calling of the universal energy and light

To shine it's black wings, a shimmering sight

How many of us can shine even in our darkest state

The Raven can

So can you

Celeste Vernale

Copyright 03/2/2011

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