Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What an Angel

I just read an article about a woman who killed her three year old boy and then put him in the oven. What would ever possess a woman to do this to their child. I will never understand but I had to write about it. When we read these articles we need to remember the lesson and that it can be anyone. Protect any child you feel is being abused in anyway you can. Let humanities ego be pushed aside and let us truly band together to save the angels on earth, the innocents.

What an angel you truly are
No one will see, just the scar
That marks your decaying body
No one will ever see the truth
Your pain the worlds enemy
As we turn away not to see
The cruelty of human kind
The loss of a child to the world
Is all more haneous when we see
How cruel that human kind can be
If eaten by an animal
Maybe we could understand
Even then a lost, sweet child
Ever bitter on our tongues
I look at you though scars and bruises
At least in heaven the love for you
Is greater than a human
Can ever give an angels soul
You came to be a lesson for all
Of the cruelty that exists inside
All of us in human kind
Angel, oh child who suffered great pain
Like Jesus I pray your lessons live on
That when ego in humans run a muck
We're reminding to love the innocent
So angels of earth, may your lessons be seen
Let there be change rather than pity
Let people see, let them feel, let them know
That Angels choose these lessons not for themselves
But for those who have lost touch with their souls

Celeste Vernale
Copyright 3/2/2011

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