Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Standing on the edge: The big changes in life

I was standing on the edge today
The edge of something new
As scary as it was
I knew what to do
I had to put my foot out
A leap of faith inside
I had to take that first step
Even if I don't know why
So standing on the edge,
All of us have been
Can be a scary place
Unless we believe
In ourselves....
Copyright 06/08/2011 SOTVOT Celeste

There are days we are all standing at a precipice....
Everyone knows how scary the cliffs can be....
But there is something we don't often think about....

I am taking you for a hike, up a winding trail, through a wooded area, trees your canopy against the sun. As you get to a slightly more difficult part of the climb you stop and take a break. You think about how sore your muscles are and you wonder if you should turn around but you don't, you keep going. You keep going to get to the top. You worked hard to get to where you are going. WHY? FOR THE VIEW....

People often view change, that point where they have to make a change and do something different as scary. Yet what they forget about the precipice or the change, is that there are now endless possibilities. That life is offering to them many different paths back to comfort and safety. When we reach the edge we need to decide what it is we want out of our life and view our surroundings, deciding which way we need to go to reach our goals.

Big changes are scary, but not having faith and not realizing the gifts you can acquire is just sad and lonely.



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