Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today, tomorrow and maybe the next day, if we are lucky

I was and have been facing death a lot lately. Not me personally, thankfully but family and friends. My FIL died of Cancer about a year ago now and my Uncle followed, dying from cancer, just a month or so later. I struggled a great deal, having to take on cleaning up my Uncles apartment was awful, moldy food and piles of wet pull ups everywhere. I wasn't angry at him, he was sick, but it was hard. Then to deal with my FIL, waiting for my MIL to return from Florida with his ashes was terribly difficult. I struggled with it, I really did. I didn't know the man that great, but I have known him for 7 years at that point and I adored him. I know he had his faults but there was something pure about him.

Now as I face my mothers terminal diagnosis of ALS I can't help but wonder when it will stop. Death, though not final, or an ending by any means, is an emotional struggle for those of us on earth. When we become attached to someones soul inside of a body a vessel, it becomes difficult to separate the body for the soul from the body. The hugs they give us are the closest connect we can often get to the soul. Everyone is on a different spiritual path and though I have connected soul to soul with people, never touching, it is rare. It is a rare opportunity to travel outside of your vessel, your body and meet that close energetically.

So I am facing the death of my mother again and as a spiritualist I am supposed to find peace in the fact she is going somewhere to grow. That it is her turn to exit and move on. I want her to find that peace but rather selfishly I would like to keep her here forever and ever. I just know that I will miss that physical vessel, the body has become the representation of who the soul is for us. It is hard to let go of the physical when we are grounded so firmly in it on this earth.

We all face the loss of loved ones and the one peace of advice I want to give is to FEEL. We are put on this earth to EXPERIENCE what life is like in these bodies. If you are sad than be sad, do not ask yourself why and try to justify away the emotions that come with this life. We are all allowed to feel and it is important to experience it to the best of our ability.

Death sucks, though not an end, it is an emotional journey we must experience.

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