Friday, January 25, 2013

The quick version of my story

It started when I was born:


My mother was told there was no heart beat.  They put her under and pulled me out. 

I was two months early.

I would not let them keep IV’s in, they had to actually put them in my feet.

I fought to live and lived to fight the good fight.

We lived in a house with spirits, it was subtle thing, voices, foot steps, and then, it got crazier, voices, bugs, demon dogs, but that is for another chapter.

I lived, and fell into a bit of a depression

Wished the Aliens would take me

Wished the Native American drums I heard during the summer was a summons

I just wanted to go home

I awoke one night, from a terrible dream, only it wasn’t a dream and I knew it.

I cried and begged my mother to let me skip my cousin’s Birthday party, I was attacked by a dog in the dream.  PLEASE MOM

NO, go, it’s a Pizza Party, no dogs. 

I go

Then I go to my cousins

THEN, it happens

I am attacked

I was brought up into a light

I was finally home

The light said, “you have work to do, you have to go back.”

There was no pain despite the amount of damage the dog did, I felt “okay”.

I was brought into the hospital and well, I survived.

When my mother arrived she would cry and apologize.  I told her, “It could be worse Mom, I could be dead, why are you crying?”

Then, life went on and the activity got more intense, again, another chapter.

I started reading Tarot at 8 years old to understand what was going on, read up on paranormal, wicca, witch craft, psychics, mediums, and anything I could get my hands on.  I was trying to learn but I was very lost.

I felt betrayed by God, by Jesus.

I sat, one night two black stains developed on my ceiling, one that looked like a peddler carrying a sack and next to him a cross, it was Jesus.  I yelled at him a lot.

Anyway, I did cards for friends and family, friends of friends. 

I stopped, I started, I met other Mediums a few years back, 7 now, they told me I had to let go of the cards, I had to embrace who I was and my purpose.

I have,

I will

But I still yell at Jesus,

I still want to get the world to hear the truth

About spreading light and love

I also know the day I go home I will be blessed

But I want to be here a long time, with my kids,

My grandkids

But I spend an awful lot of time over there

In my dreams

Astral projecting

I hate it here

The only thing that makes it bearable is the work I do

The peace I bring

The gifts I share

And my children

And the souls I meet that I loved so deeply in past lives

My sisters, my brothers, my mothers, my fathers, my guides, my cousins, my lovers

I love them all just as deeply in this life as I did then

Though they might think that was crazy

They don’t remember

But I do

I remember every single one of them

If I could bring them back to the moments we had

They would remember to

Love each other

Love others

You don’t have to like them

Just don’t hate

It hurts too much
I was about 5 or 6, Notice how brown my eyes are, I did a regression once and now I have green and gold in my eyes, I took a piece of me back. 

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  1. Oh wow. This was a very beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing. <3