Thursday, January 31, 2013

Truth in words

Someone messaged me and said I was harsh in my post about not giving away free readings.

I am not trying to be harsh ever.
In fact that is the last thing I want to be.
I do however have a committment not only to myself but others in this community. 
We are more than happy to help others and in fact we LOVE sharing our gifts, "it's a bit of an addiction" and for us the boundaries are the hardest to set.

That being said, are there boundaries that you should be setting today?

So what was the lesson from spirit, since everyone in my community was thinking the same thing yesterday, it is important to set boundaries.

So set your boundaries in your OWN life.

Remember this blog isn't about me alone it's about you and helping you evolve.  Helping you find your true path.  Your path is never going to be the same exact path as mine or anyone elses.  So remember, if you read something and it rings true, such as drawing boundaries than embrace that.  If you felt offended by most post, stop and think about why.  Perhaps there is something to visit with in yourself that should be looked at.  I know, I have read posts and been offended and when I looked back it was something in me that I didn't like and I was having salt added to my wound.

The only way we grow spiritually is to realize we are not perfect human beings.  I make mistakes and the human side of me struggles like the rest of us.  My spiritual side knows better.  My spiritual side is pure, whole and loving.  Sometimes it's hard to grasp the fact that I am not my spiritual self here on earth.  I'd like to think I am perfect, but we all know the truth. 

Blessings and light and love

Next lesson?  I don't know, what do you want to know about?


  1. Recommendations of how to center yourself would be a welcoming lesson. I would also love to read about your adventures in investigations, please.

  2. Cassaundra I will see what I have put together and post it.