Friday, October 28, 2011

Yah it's been a while

Time is perceived, to you it has been a long time, to me just minutes have passed since I have last written on my blog.  Truth is I have been wondering what it is I should write so I decided to take a Halloween approach. 

There is nothing more common then for me to get calls this time of year about weird noises, sensations, voices or the feeling of being watched.  People need to understand the veil between the living and dead is thinnest and the thinnest of all nights is Halloween Evening.  All the spooktacular events bring us around to the fact that anyone can commune with the dead this time of year.  Mostly it will come in the form of dreams for people.

I stood in front of a lady at a grocery store and in my head I heard, "she hurts so much, she just can't let go.  She took good care of me for years."  I wanted to say something, I wanted to say, "M'am, your husband thanks you so much for all you have done for him and he hates to see you hurt. He wants you to know he is waiting for you but you have a few more things to do before you join him."  Her face, her guard around her, told me that would be the wrong thing to do.

There was a show on some channel, and I don't remember which one, but it was about this "psychic medium" who went around and would just blurt things out to people and butt into her kids business.  She had to know everything and to me that is a power thing.  I keep shut down as often as possible but if a death was recent and around this time it is usually much stronger, this is why I am doing a Gallery reading on Sunday at the Sunflower Bungalow in Southington.

Those who have died come clearly to us, they want to help us in anyway they can and our guides, believe it or not, call them angels, mentors, whatever, they want what is best for us.  This time of year not only the highest and the best come through but the crud shows up too.  So you tend to see a lot of depression start popping up.

My biggest suggestion this time of year is to meditate and if you start feeling down ask yourself is it you or just the energy around you.  Be patient, love yourself and most of all listen, or call someone who can listen for you.  Oh and remember, people like me, we don't want to know all your business so we are not walking around tapping into your mind.  Trust me, there is some scary stuff going on in some of those minds, and those were just previous clients.  ;-) 

Be blessed, be safe and have fun.

After I saved this I thought of something, something that is sooo important.  We are no different than those who have died and those who have died are no different than the living.  The only difference, the only noticable difference is we still animate a body.