Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where did God go?

Someone once said, "I always wonder where God went?"
I pondered this in a meditation one time, and I asked, "Where did God go?"
To which I was answered.
Here, God is here, all around us. We are constantly being distracted by the negative that we forget to see the beauty of everything everyday.

Even now, and in general, I usually type these posts with my eyes closed. I sit and try to get out of my way. The idea of God is so grandiose that most people can not fully understand or comprehend. They go to church and pray to an idea that is bigger than them. They pray to Jesus and hope he will lead them to salvation.

What will Jesus lead us to?

Jesus wants us to follow a path, a path of love, light, healing and kindness. We all have special gifts that we are given, special things to learn and grow upon. We are meant to glow as bright as the sun.

People get so wrapped up in how to honor God, how to honor Jesus, when really just sending out your prayers and having faith that you are more than just another soul on this earth. To have faith that you are beautiful, you have a purpose and God wants you to build something beautiful with your talents. That is what honors God, You honor God and Jesus by living. Live well, love well and have faith that God is HERE.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The program, the android and spirituality?

I believe for spirit encounters, in "haunted" houses, all one needs is a digital voice recorder, tape, etc and some time. I believe that the electronic devices prevent us from tapping into spirit. I believe it makes us reliant on devices.

Now I understand the need for this because some people can not believe what they think they know. I think it is importan to understand that all the information we get on these devices can be had from true mediumship. With that being said....

For my son, the tangible is needed to build the connection. So I pulled out this device called Ghost Speaker from www.krugism.com. It is supposed to work like an Ovilus, for any of those who watch SyFy or Travel channel ghost shows. I have turned it on in my house a hundred times and it doesn't work, not a single word, or phrase. Well, this time, it was different.

As we were walking by flowers at the Harriet Beecher Stowe home Friday evening Dori wondered if she could get some of those pink flowers, at which point the phone says flowers. After this moment the phone did not stop going off. Talking about disease and death. We later found out about the disease and death that happened in the family. The word creature seemed random until we heard that her husband thought he saw creatures and balls of light. I experienced several orbs with my own eyes.

There are a hundred different phrases that created correlation. For example we walked in the dining room and the tour guide said, "sorry we do not have dinner prepared," at which point the machine said beef. Yes beef, it's what's for dinner. LOL

That being said as yet another example, here is the best thing to date. As we were leaving I kept it running. To which it made a few responses about a show on the television and other various topics. Anyway, so I left it running, as we were walking to the car the item said follow, I was like, "Okay we are being followed home." This I thought was odd. Then as Brandon went to get in the car he hit his head on the light at which point it immediately responded, "Fool". It gave us advice on spirituality, talking about threading together the two worlds between the veil. It actually used those words, thread and veil.

Whom I can only guess was Harriet Beecher Stowe, though we never received confirmation other than my belief, feeling and the message I got from her, was brilliant in the fact that she even called my son out on not wearing clean underwear and other various random references to our day.

My final evaluation of this item. I think it is a USELESS TOOL TO people who are not already connected to spirit in a much deeper level. Just believing does not bring about this connection. It even talked about bedroom, bouncing and ball to which we found out that is exactly what my daughter was doing at that time. Bouncing on the ball in her room. Oh and the other thing, most interesting of course, is the fact that she made reference to John, a police officer and laborer, which my husbands Uncle was. She made the comment that we should go by one day for breakfast. I truly believe that we will be making a day time trip to visit the Harriet Beecher Stowe house with the ovilus on again. She said we can contact her through the telephone. I may very well try and do that.

So can these things work, sure, but it requires more than just believing or just wanting to "prove" their are spirits. You need to want to have a real conversation with them and the desire to meet them and learn about them. Some references are vague, like the fact she mentioned Wren twice. Once I researched the spiritual significance, it was totally different.

The other thing is that their is some randomization and that can be caused because several spirits are around us all the time trying to get messages out to us. She even told us to follow Jesus, if that wasn't a significant message, I do not know what was.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Spirituality and anger

I fight with Anger. I constantly fight with ANGER. It truly is my arch nemesis. I don't know why I am so angry or why I blow up at little things sometimes. I believe it stems from childhood, I was always the quiet one, I did what people told me to do, but I also, in someways, got things I wanted. Because I was so quiet, if I wanted something, it would be provided, but that was all material, NEVER emotional.

I still expect if I ask someone to get a pair of pants on my daughter they should know where they are and other locations to look, not just stop. I mean if I can not find jeans for my daughter I check her changing table, every drawer, so yesterday I snapped at my husband, calling him names. Last night I yelled at my son.

I wonder why or where this built up anger comes from. I know some people would say that I need to talk about things that are bothering me but I do. I am not silent by any means. So where then?

A lot of my anger comes from frustration with the universe. With God, we all get angry at God don't we. He is supposed to help us resolve our problems. I have been waiting for one of us to get a job, for one of us to find a nitch, for one of us.... We try, so I think, "I am a good person why?" Anger that things are not better, I want them better. However, I am concentrating on the material and the physical with this anger. Anger is purely ego centered. "Why me?" or even "Why NOT me!"

As I become an ordained minister, I think to myself, what goal am I trying to achieve? I am trying to grow myself spiritually, keep my connection strong to Jesus and God. The holy spirit to guide me through life, to hear the words of my relatives who have passed. To help me make the right decisions, whatever they might be. I just simply need to refocus. REFOCUS and stop worrying about the small things, like if my son stays up past his bed time, he will suffer in the morning from that decision, let him learn a little what consequences he faces. I do not need to yell. If my husband can not find the jeans for my daughter I do not need to yell, I simply need to show him where they are.

Why we have anger is ego centered and the best of us feel it at times and are engulfed with it. We eat it up inside of us and let it destroy our souls, our being. Anger serves no purpose. I am working very hard on reducing my angry outbreaks. All of us are trying to fight ego. All of us struggle with these emotions that are attached to all that happens on earth. It is our job to grow and learn. Trying so hard to adapt to this earthly world.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Can I really write a spiritual blog with out talking about death

Osama Bin Laden is a topic all over the place today.
Someone asked me, "what do you think about it?"
What do I think about it?
What DO I think about it?
Good question....

1. Initially I was indifferent.
2. Then I was joyful.
3. Then I was fearful of retaliation.
4. Then I was remorseful that I was joyful for a moment at the cost of someones life.
5. Then I was elated that perhaps he will have a chance to learn new lessons and come back around a better human being.
6. Then I was angry at myself for making a judgement call in regards to what kind of human being he was at all.
7. I realized that every emotion I was having was ego driven.
8. I felt compassion.

Compassion for the family of Bin Laden who did not see him as a terrorist but a father, a friend, a person they trusted and looked up to. No matter how twisted we think someone is, there is always someone that loves them. I felt compassion for all those victims of 9/11 and the family they left behind. I felt compassion for those who had to hunt him down and kill him and the time they will be away from their family and them. I had compassion for all the military that are serving and all the families who are missing a loved military member, and compassion for all those who have already died serving our country and all the members of their families they left behind. I FELT AN OVERWHELMING amount of COMPASSION.

I sat and thought long and hard and felt guilt for all the other feelings I had, and then I felt compassion for myself. I am in the process of a spiritual journey and just like any other delicate, newly blooming garden, when it rains hard with sadness and anger all around, sometimes the blossom becomes dirty and weak, but once the sun (love, compassion) comes out we grow stronger and even more tolerant.

I can not place judgement on Bin Laden. He did not kill people HIMSELF. He was a mastermind who truly thought he was doing the right thing, just as America thinks killing Obama and Osama was the right thing. In the end we have no real proof. With hollywood stage make up anyone can look like Obama and/or Osama and truth is that life is what it is. I wish him compassion and understanding in his passing. I know he will be met at the gates of all those who died in his name, he will be made to face his wrongs and learn his lessons on the other side. Justice was not served in his death, growth and forgiveness (justice) will be served in his passing.

I know some may not agree with me, and that is okay. I do not want to start a debate over this, because I will not be swayed. In the end we say, "do unto others as you would have done unto you." We also say, "turn the other cheek." It is hard to justify killing, in the end our military believes they are doing the right thing and their military believes they are doing the right thing. In the end the only people we have to justify anything to is ourselves. We need to be comfortable with our decisions.

Remember, we create the world we live in. Change it to beauty, focus on the good and help those out that need help.
Donate more than your money when you can, donate love, compassion and understanding for everyone.

Love, Live, Laugh, and most of all LOVE SOME MORE.

After all, we are love.