Friday, November 9, 2012

Growing your Garden...

I often equate spiritual growth with growing a Garden, sure some Gardens can appear to thrive with little work but truth is, everything takes a little work, you can't plant roses among weeds.  So here is my thing....  What is the fertilizer in these Gardens....

There is a lot of things, and I may have posted this before but I let spirit guide the conversation....

One of the best fertilizers out there is forgiveness and it is one of the hardest to achieve.

I admit this is a fault I own and I despise in myself.  I have a hard time forgiving those who have hurt me and though I can use the words and explain why it is so important, my heart letting go is harder than scaling the tallest mountain for me.

I do not take lightly people hurting me because I try not to hurt others, but if you hurt me I try to hurt you.  It is an unhealthy relationship that I have with hurt, stemming from my childhood.  I am sure this is a lesson that spirit is trying to pound into my thick skull as they often put people in my life who are out to take from me and hurt me. 

I forgive humanity for having ego and being broken in their lives.  We have no control over the things that have happened to us and those things which cause negative reactions from us.  However, what we can control is apologizing when we are wrong and trying to forgive others when they do something that hurts us.

One of the things I was told is people do not do things to you, they do things for themselves and sometimes that will hurt you.  We come to a point that we can NOT forgive those who have hurt us if we can not forgive ourselves for being hurt.  WHAAAT?!?!?!

I know right, I think we all know this though.  I really think we know we need to forgive ourselves for being human.  Especially when we are trying to be closer to our god and our spiritual selves.  We try so hard not to hurt others and not allow others to hurt us.  WE ARE HUMAN THOUGH!  WE are NOT pure spirit any longer.  As long as we reside in this body, we have a wall of emotion to contend with. 

It's okay though, it's part of our journey and we need to forgive ourselves and apologize to others.  Humility is a beautiful trait.

So how does your Garden Grow?  What is your greatest struggle with forgiveness?