Thursday, April 18, 2013

The truth about the thought....

Many of you may know that thoughts are energy and energy has power.  It is true but here is something that we have all done.

Scenario 1:  You wake up and stub your toe.  You go down stairs and spill the milk on the floor and then nearly slip cleaning it up.  You hear an awful sound upstairs to find your pet puking in the middle of the bed. 

What is the first thing we think?

It's going to be one of THOSE days.

Scenario 2:  You wake up before your alarm and have a ton of energy.  You make a nice breakfast, sit in the quiet.  You get everyone out the door on time and have time to spare.  All the traffic lights are green and you get to work 15 minutes early just to find out the boss is out today.  (that is always good usually right)

What is the first thing we think?

Usually nothing or we will be like, "thank goodness."  Nothing usually though.

SOOOOO here you go....

Why is Scenario 1 ONE of those days, because you are giving it a negative tone from the start and all you are going to see is the Negative.

Now turn it around and laugh, you wake up and stub your toe, crap that hurt, but then when you spill the milk and almost fall laugh, laugh at spirit at the universe for trying to provide you humor relief from the start to your morning and if that doesn't make you laugh laugh at the pet puking in the middle of the bed, it's funny. 

Now turn it around, Scenario 2, didn't hear any laughable events yet but send out appreciation for each thing that goes smoothly and if your boss isn't there?  Even more reason to work harder to prove yourself to them and yourself.

So if the day starts to have what appears to be bad events ask if you brought this to yourself by being in a negative state of mind.  Focusing on what went right. "So I spilled my milk but at least I still had coffee."  "My car worked well today ."  OR "I have been meaning to change the bed anyway."  Or how about, "my poor cat, hair balls don't seem fun." 

How you look at the events that happen on a day to day basis will change how you attract things to you.  If you focus just on the positive and see the what we call negative as a learning lesson, the world isn't so ugly anymore.

Remember, it's your garden, you can either choose to enjoy the fragrant flowers around you or focus on the smallest weeds.  You can either eat the fruits of your labor or complain you have to wash the dirt off?  ENJOY LIFE! 

So how is your Garden growing?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Absent from my mind

I have to say I have been a bit absent from my mind, which is different than absent minded.  See I am aware I have a mind and it isn't missing, but I seem to be not using it as of late.  I am disorganized and get "lost" in my day quite easily. 

I have to say that these moments happen a lot to me and the more I work with spirit the more absent from my mind I become.  It is part of the reading process, I have to almost separate from my conscious mind and work with my subconscious mind that actually "listens" to spirit.  I feel like the more I work with spirit the more absent I become from my mind.  This can be a good thing sometimes and not others.  Especially when  you have a pile of things you need to finish.

The thing that I tell people who are trying to learn mediumship or their intuitive skills is that you need to be absent from your mind.  You need to know how to not listen to the conscious which will fill you with doubt and disagreements about your gift.  What you need to do is step back and listen to what you feel comes from the subconscious.

So go ahead and when you are looking for answers, be absent from your mind.  It's all good.

How does your spiritual garden grow?

Remember, some plants grow stronger than others.  Let spirit guide you on your path.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Yah I am around

If you wait for updates best place to keep in touch is here:

Now that is finished, my story.

I think I have posted about a lot of things a lot of times.  I find that our lives are more like a DNA strand than linear.  (I almost spelled liner instead, lol)

We keep getting hit in the head with the same lessons or experiences so here is something last night that was disturbing. 

I had a dream that my mother was in a wheelchair, she wheeled up to a window and her soul flew out.  Later in the dream my daughter walked up to the window and my mother was outside, her little soul reached out and grabbed my mothers hand and left.  Her body was still there but a friend on the Internet told me that her daughter was seeing my daughter at night in her room.  I had assumed this meant my daughter died in the dream.  I was heart broken and woke up crying.  I went and checked on my daughter it was 3am.  I went back to bed and was turned away from my door, I then heard foot steps coming towards the bed and felt a little one leaning over my face breathing on me, I could feel her hair on my cheeks and I thought I heard her say I love you Mommy but felt afraid to turn around for some reason and in my head I heard, "she isn't really there."  All of the sudden my daughter yelled for me, "Mommy!"  I sat up in bed and said, "what baby?"  She didn't answer, I went in and she was sleeping, I think she may have been astral projecting and that is an amazing gift.  Her energy was strong and it wouldn't surprise me the place she would astral project is to her mother. 

So the point is we can leave our bodies other than just in death.  We can leave our bodies to connect with ones we love who have passed.  Those dreams we have we are visiting a loved one are not usually happening HERE.  Think about it, you are asleep and when you are really with them it isn't in your HEAD it is OUT THERE!.  I don't know why I feel like capitalizing things but it feels so fun!

Astral projection is when you get to leave your LIVING body and experience other locations, places or even visit living members.  I remember my first accidental astral was right to my sisters new house that I had never been too.  I even went up the stairs because my nephew was crying and I rubbed his back.  I remember him looking at me and seeing me, I went to my sisters room and it was 3:23am and she sat up and looked in the doorway, she seemed to know "something" was there.  She rolled back over and went to bed.  She confirmed these events happened at her house the next day when I called her.

The ability to astral travel allows us to have experiences we maybe can't have here.  To even visit places we can't travel to like the great pyramids.  It is a great gift to try and harness and you can do this when in meditation or asleep.  Just something to think about.