Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Past Due: STOP Antagonizing spirits

I am going to do something I don't normally do. I am going to let you know how frustrated I am with the "paranormal" field and those "curiosity" fun seekers.

When I do private readings I am working on a higher vibration.

When I walk through houses I am in multiple vibrations and it is tiring, especially the lower vibration.

I do NOT do this for fun, or to make a name for myself.  I am not doing this for some sort of gratification and or reward.  I do this because I care about people.  I could care less if I get a single EVP or shred of evidence.  I know what I see, who I talk to and is normally backed up by research done by myself, the client or teams I work with. 

There is a big difference between a Paranormal team going in to help a client realize they are not crazy and see that they actually have activity to those who put it together because they were just curious and start off in cemeteries, haunted hotels, etc.  A team that goes out to harass spirit and has no respect for the dead are causing trouble big trouble.  They are making hauntings worse and causing a huge increase in negative energy. 

People say what I do is cool but it is freaking taxing on my body and my spirit.  I get a call from someone who has had a team out and they found evidence but only saged the property and said things would be fine.  Really?  Doing sage is to get rid of negative energy and sometimes if not done right (which most don’t know how to do) you end up pissing something off that waits in a dark corner they missed to bother you more.  Maybe they push the energy and taunt it. 

So you think your place is haunted now what:

1.      Rule out the plausible, electrical, plumbing, buy a camera and film yourself at night if you are having frequents sleep terrors.  A lot of the “medical” or physical explanations can be much more easily solved.

2.      Research the History of the Property, the more you know the better you will be able to verify what the Mediums or Investigative teams are saying.  It is good to know and it helps to get rid of the spirit.  Sometimes you need a male Medium, other a medium who works with spirits long term on an energy clearing way and helping them to heal.  Either way it helps you to know or the people you are working with to know more.  If you house has been sold 20 times in 30 years, you might have a problem.

3.      If they are just knocking around or you see them out of the corner of your eye tell them to knock it off.  You would be surprised how effective that is.  Sometimes it may take a few times because just like any annoying person who was only going to be there a few days and are still there a month later, they like hanging with you maybe.

4.      Have a spiritual person or a person of your faith do a house blessing. 

5.      Have someone come sage.

6.      Call a Medium or a Paranormal Investigation Team.  (See rules for that below.)

7.      Ask the Medium questions; see what happened to them to lead them down this path.  Do they have fear?  You don’t want someone who has fear based readings because that means you will most likely hear you have demons.  (Insert eye roll)

What not to do:

1.      Yell!  If you have done the above steps and shit gets real and things start flying.  Feeding that anger, negativity makes it stronger. 

2.      Have a paranormal party with a bunch of friends who think its cool and always wanted to try to catch evidence of a ghost.  So you all get together drinking and trying to do EVPs, use Ouija Boards or other various dumb ideas.

3.      Have a friend convince you that her friends team could come and investigate and clear the place.

How to tell a good team? (If you want proof you are not crazy)

1.      A good team will NOT charge. If you choose to give them a donation towards gas or time that is fine but these people are helping because they WANT to.

2.      A good team does not have children on it.  Rule of thumb no one under 21 hormones are running and their energy is off which can be drained to amplify negative energy.

3.      They have investigated more then just cemeteries and haunted locations in the area that charge for researchers to go in.

4.      They have a group of contacts of a Priest, a Demonologist, Medium, Shaman, and the likes.  They are smart enough to know they can not do it alone.

5.      They do not at any time promise to get rid of all the activity immediately.  A good team will do the investigations, maybe bring in a Medium to see what they are up against and go from there.

6.      A great team will have a 100 question pre investigation questionnaire that will ask about history of mental illness, health issues, medications, drinking or drugs.  Be honest, if you smoke pot a lot that doesn’t mean they are not going to help you or turn you into the police.  They just need to know to rule things out.

7.      LAST BUT NOT LEAST:  INTERVIEW THEM JUST LIKE YOU WOULD A CONTRACTOR.  You have a bad gut feeling don’t use them.  You have a right to ask to talk to all the investigators and ask it they have insurance.  It is expensive to carry but worth it for your peace of mind.

8.      Oh this too, just thought of this, a Million dollars of cutting edge equipment doesn’t mean the people aren’t assholes bringing in negative energy or that they even know what they are doing.

What to avoid when searching for help:

1.      Anyone who promises to remove all spirits sight unseen for money.

2.      Anyone who promises to remove all spirits coming to your home

3.      Basically anyone who makes promises.  I have removed tons of spirits but there are some I won’t bother with or don’t want to try so I hand people over to others.  I tend to work with spirits who are trapped due to psychological conditions, I call it spiritual Therapy. 

4.      NO PSYCHICS, they only predict the future, you need someone that is a Medium or psychic medium but not just some Tarot reader or someone who says I will bring in a board, or pendulum. 

Have faith the problem can be resolved. Listen to the advice entirely, I do not take it lightly when I suggest to someone they need therapy. I am not trying to be a jerk, I am being honest.

There are a few groups in my area I recommend and if they tell you the house isn't haunted it probably isn't. It could be you that has an attachment or it is natural causes. A good team will come out more than once, sometimes three times over a 6 month period. Spirits don't work on command. Keep a log please. 

I am not going to bash anyone on this blog ever but I am going to build up teams I have found to be outstanding in the work they do and their follow through.  The team that I had the pleasure of working with called The Ghost Hunters of Connecticut has a line of people to call in cases of dire straights.  They also have a huge questionnaire and they do their research.  They are constantly trying to help clients even if it is to suggest therapy.  They are honest, they study the paranormal and research and one of the few teams I have met that sages properly.  Chris Baricko and I see eye to eye in regards to almost every aspect of client care, honesty and find it refreshing to work with someone who has done his research and knows his stuff.  He tries to run a tight ship, for me too tight I am no good at meeting dead lines all the time, ha ha.  Most Mediums I know are pretty flighty and lose track of time pretty quickly.  There is a point.




Stop looking for ghosts because it is fun.  You are actually trapping souls here and some in their death state so that they are tormented.

When you look you are opening yourself up and what you get may not be Grandma Bell with the bonnet in her hair.  It most likely won’t be a poor lost child who you feel compassion for and it attaches to you.  Think before you play these games.

People are making things worse for clients so if you don’t have experience please do a ton of research and work with another team until you learn more.  I understand wanting to help people but make sure it doesn’t end up hurting them with your lack of expertise. 

Get to know the community.  If you are having experiences PLEASE don’t antagonize them or ask questions about their death, if it was painful why would you make them go through it again and again.

If you have a haunted hotel, bed and breakfast or you know someone with one of those establishments don’t make it a ghost hunting haunt to torment the dead.  Really get someone in there to clear it and let them live peacefully.  Please, stop creating more negativity in this world and feeding the bad guys with anger, outbursts and your energy because you are clueless and don’t know how to protect yourselves. 



The concerned Medium