Monday, October 19, 2015

Humans: The Catch 22 of life

People often ask me what our purpose is here on earth.  Why do we live and why do we die.  What do we do to get it right?  The answer isn’t simple but it is achievable. 

Our souls come to experience the physicality of the world around them. 

They come to learn lessons so that they can achieve a greater soul vibration.

They come because they are going to be a lesson for someone else.

Our souls want to be able to thrive as a loving, giving soul among chaos and destruction that humans create.

The short answer, we come here to live.

We are not created to be perfect, but we come perfectly created.

As we grow so does our ego, so does our humanness.

I believe every person on this earth has a role, something to teach, from the Buddha to the killer, from the child to the adult, from the CEO of a large corporation to the homeless family on the street.

Our soul’s energy will resonate with different people depending on our goals. 

The dirtiest secrets in our world, the killers are here to teach us how to forgive.  (Not easy I know.)

The greedy humans are here to teach us to live simplistic and with very little. 

The Homeless on the street are here to teach us to give compassion and kindness no matter what their story.

The children are to remind us of our connection with the universe.

The adults are here to help the child follow their connection through life, no matter where it may lead.

Do not hesitate for a moment to not think that YOU are not important in this web we call human life.

With out you a child may not be born that will change the world.  With out you a homeless person may not get a smile one day.  With out you a pet may never find compassion.  With out you a plant may never be planted.  Every thing we do impacts the world around us and we all need to be a part of that.  The good, the bad and the downright ugly of this life all have a point, a purpose. 

Please do not think there is no purpose in this life.  You may not have the masses know your name.  You do have the opportunity to be famous to someone, because you have them a hug at their lowest point, or you offered them food or money when things got tough.  To someone you may be their beacon of hope that they can overcome greater obstacles in life because you did.


You are exactly where you belong. 


How does your Garden grow?


Remember to plant your bulbs (Dreams) now so they will blossom in the spring.


Love and light