Friday, May 31, 2013

Grief.... Let the tears flow

Grief is a beast of an event for any one to experience.  We all suffer from this thing we call grief.

I view grief as a cancer like substance that just absorbs us completely, it sort of eats away at our soul and all those things around us loose meaning.  It is painful, tiring and almost a quick sand like experience. 

There are those days when the world seems hopeless and you will feel helpless.

There are those days you will see a light at the end of the tunnel and you will try to embrace it.

There are people that seem to float threw loss with little to no tears but they do not verbalize the emptiness they carry.

I often say some of us swallow our grief like rocks, we feel heavy, burdened and malnourished while others become empty and just float through the process but they feel no less the pain those who swallowed rocks feels.

As I watch my dear family grieve through the loss of my mother I am astounded how for some it changes their entire lives and out look on things and others just keep moving through with what appears to be little acknowledgement but really, like the rest of us, they cry at night.

We all carry the burden of grief in a different way and we should not become angry at ourselves for how long it takes to heal or how we face our grief. 

What I can say is that those who have passed do NOT want us to fall into the dark pit of sadness and hopelessness.  They want us to remember the laughter and the joy they shared with us.  They want us to remember the smiles and the life they lived.

When we are ready, we just need to remember and celebrate, to make that grief find a different way of existing.  Truthfully though loss is never easy and never goes away completely, we just learn to fly with a few less feathers on our wings.  So let the joy and laughter lift you up as you remember the joy and love of those you have lost.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The truth about Alice:

I often think back to Alice from Alice in Wonderland and all the things she saw and couldn't explain.  People would never understand a rabbit obsessed with time and a hatter who was mad.  Did you know that there was such a syndrome as Mad Hatter disease?  The materials that they worked with back in the day (so very long ago) would damage the brain and cause hallucinations, etc. 

I think, the thing that always rang true with me was:
“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, or you wouldn’t have come here.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

It is true, we are all a little mad around here.  We are all fighting different fights and trying to get through the confines of this existence that we call life and earth.  I often wonder if this is even really our life or maybe, our life begins when we sleep.  Perhaps our real lives exist in the confines of our dreams and this existence during our "waking" periods was created out of neccessity.  Living such a full and rich life in dreams would surely have us burn out quickly wouldn't you think?  LOL  Ah an impossible thing but nothing is improbable. 

The world, we are quick to judge what is right and what is wrong based on our beliefs but a theory I hold true to is nothing is right and nothing is wrong.  Hard to swallow when someone is murdered or something horrible happens to someone you love, it is a hard explanation and not something I can explain fully here in verbage with out you have to read a 10 page document on how and why things just are.

I often like to write impossible in a different way, "I'mpossible."  I am possible, I can create anything I wish to create.  I believe that those things that do not manifest do not manifest for a reason.  It is only impossible if you forget your little ' symbol.  Yup, we can create a life which we enjoy, we can create happiness, we can be happy if we so choose.  We can also embrace our sadness, our anger and the trick is to feel.  I believe afterall that we would not choose to come to this world if we did not want to feel emotion besides love, compassion, to be reminded what we have when we die. 

Remember, nothing is impossible, I'mpossible, always.

Be your own possibilities and continue to grow your self spiritually and just as a human being. 

Be the possible.

Be the possible.


6 impossible things
I'm a dragon
I can fly
I love mooky monkey moos
I can see all that is not there but should be
I am part of all that is not there but should be

Do you see what I see?

Be the love, Be the possible....


Monday, May 6, 2013

Falling apart in all the right ways

One of my favorite questions I get asked is, "why when I start my spiritual journey it feels like my life is falling apart?"

All of our lives we find ways to survive and to live.  Some of us learn to live in drama, some of us become cold and hard, some of us have multiple masks we wear around different people, some of us have a hard time even getting through the day with out medication or drugs.

We all learn a way to survive in this ego driven world and as we try to reach a higher spiritual self the illusion of what we have become is transparent and begins to fall apart.  We then can choose to move forward or try to build up who we were/are.

Suddenly we begin to view people differently, we see people in a more transparent way.  It sometimes makes it harder to maintain relationships and stay in old relationships that hold us back.  When we begin our spiritual journey it is often because we want to become better people.  As the journey moves forward and the falling apart slows down you start to notice a better reflection of who you are becoming by those that are around you.  The negative begins to vanish and become less frequent.

Sometimes deaths, disease and upsets all happen at once when you start this journey.  It's like we say, "hey we want to grow spiritually throw everything you got at me."  Though this is not a conscious thing the faster you push to get to this point the more things will happen to show you how strong you are.  Always ask for growth with a mind prepared to do battle and heal.  That is it you know, the healing part is part of the growth.

We are always going to be human and have good days, bad days.  We will have days when we royally screw shit up and I have to say that we need to breathe through that and remember it's okay.  But when you feel like your world is falling apart, it's just so you can build something stronger and more beautiful.

Trust in your journey.

How is your garden growing?