Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Blog about Blogging

I was sitting here thinking I should blog.  Then I thought, "but what do I want to blog about?"

Blogging, blogging is not just for the benefit of the public.  The public being you poor creatures who read this drivel.  The benefit of blogging is for me to decompress or send out messages that I keep seeing come up again and again.  That is why I blog, it is just as much about myself as for the readers.  I once read that someone said, "I started making my Blog about the people who read it."  I will never do that to you, it is for all of us.

So that being said the word Trust came up a lot in my last few readings.  Learning to trust that spirit is communicating with you, learning to trust those little signs that you feel are just coincidences and so on and so forth.  The biggest problem I know I faced as a child was that I was supposed to trust in God, this being I can't see but not to believe in Ghosts which I had full experiences with.  How am I supposed to trust things that I do not see? 

That is where faith comes in I suppose. 

Faith that these things are real so that you can trust your interaction with them.

I would love to say that I have had faith in God and that he will always provide for me should I ask.  I have been asking for a long time for a lot of things and it feels the universe doesn't quite get to it.  I have been pretty beaten down as of late because I feel like I am forgotten by spirit.  I mean "GOD" cut me some slack here. 

So I say this because I think it is important to remember to trust that your messages are getting out there.  You have to trust the process and have the faith that "GOD" and spirit are over there working things out on their own time.  Things are going to get better, did you know that?  TRUST THAT.

TRUST your truth, TRUST your faith, TRUST.

Trust in yourself, trust in the gifts you will receive. 

Now let me remind everyone of one thing, we can't just put things out there in the world, "I want a new car," with out doing a little work ourselves.  Oh and remember to be specific or you will end up with a broken down car.  ;-)  I would like a newer car that will last five years or more.  Okay, now what do you need to do to make it happen?  Put it out there, trust that this will come to pass and if spirit offers you random opprotunities to make some extra money, DO IT, they are giving you the means to get this vehicle. 

TRUST, and work towards your goals.

How does your Garden Grow?
My seedlings are getting ready to be planted soon.  Come on spring!

Monday, February 4, 2013

What? Really

Okay so I was sitting here getting ready to post a story and I forgot what it is I was going to say.

So that is something I want to talk about. 

I have such a short attention span at times.  A lot of times during a reading is the only time I focus, that or writing.  So then I zone out and forget what I was going to say.

Oh I remember: 


As messengers and readers, feed back is so important to us.  It helps us to know which direction we are going or if you should have a bad reading, it happens, then it gives us a chance to offer you another reading, another option or even a chance for you to vent.

Sometimes, our energy is off and a reading is just off.

I also think it is important before you get a reading to ask the person what they get.

I don't get names and I don't get tiny details.  I get the impression of who the person was, I work through feelings and for me I get the sensation of who the person was and that is what I use to give information and validation.  So confirmation lets us know how we can work on improving ourselves.  We have to constantly work and learn new things to become better readers so input helps out. 

Now if you have the worst reading ever you should not be nasty to the reader.  Talk to them, they are human and we all do this, well those of us who are real, to help you with healing and movement in your life.  I have so many people who will also tell me that what I say has nothing to do with the person they loved but when they talk about them it is validation of what I said.  Please be open to listen to what is said and give it a few days to digest.

We should do that with everything, listen, digest and then respond.

You should give feed back in all of things in our life.  Tell people how you feel.  It helps keep that throat Chakra open.  Remember, kindness is key, there is always a way to deliver bad information in a kind way. 

Gentle, gentle with those in the world.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My MOMMA always said:

"If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all."
What does this have to do with a spiritual lesson?

Take it a step further

"If you don't have anything nice to say, find something and be sincere."

Our society is raised to see what is going wrong.  To view the negative because it gets in the way of positive.  I feel that is backwards a bit.

Let's say you get a new job and your boss is less than a desirable person to work for.  I always try to look at them as not my boss, as a soul living through human experiences.  You know they could have a stressful job, be a single parent, not be as emotionally evolved as they should be, and the list goes on.  The point is to find something nice to say about them.  "Wow they really do handle all those tasks really well."  Or maybe, "my boss certainly dresses well."  I know that sounds nutty, but find something nice to say.  I believe it turns your impression of an individual around.

I have a few issues with people who make me crazy and I have named them the "crazy" people.  I stopped and thought about this the other night.  They are souls living a human experience so I thought about the kind things I could say about them and made a list. 

The more ill we talk about individuals the more negativity we put out in the world.  The more positive we view others, the more positivity we put out in the world. 

That goes for everything.  For example, you get into a car accident and your car is totaled.  You are pay check to pay check and can't really afford a payment and what stinks even more is that the accident was your fault.  Holy suck monkey butt batman this is a bad situation, but wait, what happened, you are okay.  You get another day to be with ones you loved.  Maybe in the end you will end up with a nice car or it is teaching you a lesson about frugality, saving a little that will go a long way later on.  We need to not dwell on the negative aspects of what happened but believe that all this headache is going to come with a bonus at the end.  The best rewards come from the hardest work. 

You can't look across your kingdom if you don't climb the mountain.  Everything requires effort and sometimes negative people and negative events come to us to show us how much we really have.

So, how is your Garden Growing and how is that kingdom looking?