Thursday, January 31, 2013

Truth in words

Someone messaged me and said I was harsh in my post about not giving away free readings.

I am not trying to be harsh ever.
In fact that is the last thing I want to be.
I do however have a committment not only to myself but others in this community. 
We are more than happy to help others and in fact we LOVE sharing our gifts, "it's a bit of an addiction" and for us the boundaries are the hardest to set.

That being said, are there boundaries that you should be setting today?

So what was the lesson from spirit, since everyone in my community was thinking the same thing yesterday, it is important to set boundaries.

So set your boundaries in your OWN life.

Remember this blog isn't about me alone it's about you and helping you evolve.  Helping you find your true path.  Your path is never going to be the same exact path as mine or anyone elses.  So remember, if you read something and it rings true, such as drawing boundaries than embrace that.  If you felt offended by most post, stop and think about why.  Perhaps there is something to visit with in yourself that should be looked at.  I know, I have read posts and been offended and when I looked back it was something in me that I didn't like and I was having salt added to my wound.

The only way we grow spiritually is to realize we are not perfect human beings.  I make mistakes and the human side of me struggles like the rest of us.  My spiritual side knows better.  My spiritual side is pure, whole and loving.  Sometimes it's hard to grasp the fact that I am not my spiritual self here on earth.  I'd like to think I am perfect, but we all know the truth. 

Blessings and light and love

Next lesson?  I don't know, what do you want to know about?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The truth about Mediums

We are human
We bleed red blood
We cry salty tears
We feel pain
Sometimes more than others
We are helpers
We feel bad when we can't
We often stretch ourselves out
Far beyond what we should
Just to help someone
Truth is
We are good people
The hardest thing for many of us
Is to keep with in our limits
If we ever say we will get to it
It might be a week
Two weeks
A Month
Truth is
Spirit moves us
On their time frame
And our human selves
Tell us we need to rest
If spirit had it's way
We probably would never sleep
We are human
Let us bleed
Let us cry salty tears
Let us have a bad day
Let us be cranky
Let us laugh
Let us be

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to have a good reading

Last night I was sleeping peacefully and at some point got a message that I needed to talk about the different type of readers out there.  In my dream I was reading for someone and they said, "well the other reader said."  So here I go....  Hold onto your hats.. 

What makes a reading good vs bad?
Here they go, in order, I am even numbering them because I am awesome that way!

1.  Expectations:  What are you looking for when you go into the reading.  Now as a Medium/Reader I do not want you to go ahead and tell me, "I want to talk to my grandmother who just passed."  I want you to say, "I am looking for direction, or missing someone."  The point is if you go in expecting to get names, dates and locations from a Medium and that isn't how they read, you will be disappointed.  I always tell people, put your expectations aside and listen to the messages.

2.  A scam artist.  I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH about this.  Do not just go and have a reading done at a "Psychic shop" on the side of the road unless you have had a referral or the rates are reasonable and it seems like a fun thing to do.  This is NOT saying that every business that is on the side of the road is a scam business but I am using that as an example.  Ask people, look for references, it's okay!

3.  Be kind to the Medium/Reader:  Many of us have guides and angels, if you come at us attacking us we are going to shut down and you will not get a read.  Listen I get being a skeptic, I am a skeptic of many readers because I have dealt with a lot of frauds taking money from vulnerable people.  So my recommendation is be kind and if your reading is really lousy, this happens withe even the best readers, tell them nicely and say, "I don't think I got what I wanted out of this." 

4.  An off day:  I watched Theresa Caputo do a televised event and she spent a good amount of time NOT getting anything.  When you watch these shows on Mediums/Psychics they show you what they got right, not what was off that day.  Remember there is a human behind the tag name of Reader, Medium, light worker, etc.

5.  Medium/Reader shopping:  You can not compare apple to oranges.  Well you can but the only thing they have in common is they are good for you right.  I mean other than that the taste, the skin, where they grow, all different.  Mediums/Readers/Light Workers and even healers all work differently.  Some of us are similar but we all have differences.  Here you go, I don't get names, I don't, souls, true pure souls do not have a name.  Sorry, you want me to say it's Uncle Bob, I don't get that, I won't get the name of your favorite places.  I get impressions, sensations, pictures and such.  I always wanted to build up my name ability but in the end, is it important if I can describe their personality and give you information that there is no way I would know about you?  People often get so wrapped up in details of EARTH specifics, and I work as a healer so my messages are to touch in with you, help you grow and find peace.  Know what kind of Medium you are working with.

I hope this helps, be blessed and be well.

So how is your Garden Growing?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Soul Mates, the contradictory opinions

I was once told we all have just one soul mate. 


If we have lived hundreds of life times why just one?

If you look at the two words and understand them a little better, perhaps it will clarify all of these stories of only one for us.

Soul:  Well we know our soul is the light which is who we are.
Mate:  A person that compliments us and is a companion of sorts.
(Or just a really cool word that means friend in Australia, good day mate!)

So not to take myself to seriously, I try not to, this is a hard topic to write on and problem is, this is all going in my book. 

If you believe in past lives than you know we have had many people that impacted our lives from lovers, friends, family and the list goes on.  These people come back into our lives multiple life times.  They are soul mates, people with whom we are connected to through our souls and shall remain an important part of our growth in upcoming life times.  Now these are not always people that are meant to stay in our lives, perhaps we have something to finish with them.  They ARE soul mates in the greatest sense.

We have parents who come back and children, friends and lovers.  In my case, well there are a lot of those, damn past life.  ;-)  The point being, each person who comes into our lives is here to help us learn something or work through something.  Embrace that lesson.

Now I think when most of us think of soul mates we think of lovers, partners, not our friends.  We have friends that are soul mates also though.  So embrace them, there will always be that person you feel so close to and you don't understand why.  You obviously don't feel the need to have sex with them, (or maybe you do, I don't judge ;-)) the point being, they are someone you can trust, that you love and appreciate.  The closeness is not really something that is understood but appreciated.  I have many friends like this.  I keep getting more and I like it. 

So then there is the ONE WE THINK OF.  OUR LOVERS.  Oh I love the lovers.  That person you meet and you feel such a strong connection to.  You are in sync, you get each other, but please stop a moment, PUT ON THE BREAKS.  JUST DON'T RUN DOWN THE ALTER....
This can be one of those lesson soul mates or it can be a life mate.  Life mates are people that are supposed to be in our lives until they die or we die.  One of us has to go to the other side.  Now, what happens is, many of us meet soul mates that we think are life mates but they are really here for a lesson.  Are you confused yet?  Of course you are, I get confused all the time.

So let me go on about it this way.  Soul mates are people that are in our lives almost all the time.  Lessons to be learned.  The thing that most of us are looking for is LIFE MATES.  These Life mates balance us, we feel the connection, we understand each other with out speaking, the sexual connection (lust) is often not strong at first always but grows.  There is a desire to be near them and this is just one of those things we embrace. 

I remember when I was younger every person I dated I thought would last forever.  With the exception for one, still not sure what I was thinking.  Anyway, we don't want to go off on that tangent, for some of us we love deeply.  That doesn't mean that we are meant to be with the person we are with.  We can love someone, have them be a soul mate but they are not a life mate.  Sometimes letting go of that person is a lesson for us.  A painful lesson about how to let go of someone so they can be loved the way they should be and we can be loved the way we should be.  We have lessons....

So someone said, "do we have soul mates?"

We have a lot, it is really a term that I try not to embrace too often.

So to my past life soul mates that existed during the darkest past lives, or the most fun ;-)  I love your passion and thank you.

To my family from past lives that live with me now, I love you deeply.

To my lovers, it's been fun.

To my friends, merci beaucoup.

To my life mate, ;-)

Embrace, live, love, laugh and don't be too serious about this soul mate thing.  You will know when the life mate shows up.  As the couple said last night, they both knew at the first date, this was my future husband, this was my future wife.  We know and that isn't to say that the lives will be smooth sailing, we still have lessons, with our life mate.  Don't let that connection fool you.  Challenges are there to make us stronger and our relationship stronger.

Be brave, be strong, love, laugh, live and remember, tend to your garden.  No one else is going to do it for you.

This will be expanded upon in my book.  This is my free flow thought on the topic so hope it makes sense. 


Friday, January 25, 2013

The quick version of my story

It started when I was born:


My mother was told there was no heart beat.  They put her under and pulled me out. 

I was two months early.

I would not let them keep IV’s in, they had to actually put them in my feet.

I fought to live and lived to fight the good fight.

We lived in a house with spirits, it was subtle thing, voices, foot steps, and then, it got crazier, voices, bugs, demon dogs, but that is for another chapter.

I lived, and fell into a bit of a depression

Wished the Aliens would take me

Wished the Native American drums I heard during the summer was a summons

I just wanted to go home

I awoke one night, from a terrible dream, only it wasn’t a dream and I knew it.

I cried and begged my mother to let me skip my cousin’s Birthday party, I was attacked by a dog in the dream.  PLEASE MOM

NO, go, it’s a Pizza Party, no dogs. 

I go

Then I go to my cousins

THEN, it happens

I am attacked

I was brought up into a light

I was finally home

The light said, “you have work to do, you have to go back.”

There was no pain despite the amount of damage the dog did, I felt “okay”.

I was brought into the hospital and well, I survived.

When my mother arrived she would cry and apologize.  I told her, “It could be worse Mom, I could be dead, why are you crying?”

Then, life went on and the activity got more intense, again, another chapter.

I started reading Tarot at 8 years old to understand what was going on, read up on paranormal, wicca, witch craft, psychics, mediums, and anything I could get my hands on.  I was trying to learn but I was very lost.

I felt betrayed by God, by Jesus.

I sat, one night two black stains developed on my ceiling, one that looked like a peddler carrying a sack and next to him a cross, it was Jesus.  I yelled at him a lot.

Anyway, I did cards for friends and family, friends of friends. 

I stopped, I started, I met other Mediums a few years back, 7 now, they told me I had to let go of the cards, I had to embrace who I was and my purpose.

I have,

I will

But I still yell at Jesus,

I still want to get the world to hear the truth

About spreading light and love

I also know the day I go home I will be blessed

But I want to be here a long time, with my kids,

My grandkids

But I spend an awful lot of time over there

In my dreams

Astral projecting

I hate it here

The only thing that makes it bearable is the work I do

The peace I bring

The gifts I share

And my children

And the souls I meet that I loved so deeply in past lives

My sisters, my brothers, my mothers, my fathers, my guides, my cousins, my lovers

I love them all just as deeply in this life as I did then

Though they might think that was crazy

They don’t remember

But I do

I remember every single one of them

If I could bring them back to the moments we had

They would remember to

Love each other

Love others

You don’t have to like them

Just don’t hate

It hurts too much
I was about 5 or 6, Notice how brown my eyes are, I did a regression once and now I have green and gold in my eyes, I took a piece of me back. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things I don't know how to say

Memories, I think I have touched in on past lives before.  That instant connection you feel when you meet someone.  I had that once with a fellow writer. 

A few things happened to trigger this sadness in me today....

1.  I went to the doctor and finally got a chance to find out what this 19 year medical problem could be.  I went to call my Mom to talk to her and well, she isn't on the end of a regular telephone.
2.  I sat down to write, writing, my blood, my breath, for many years was shared with someone once.

When I wrote my fictional story there was always a man named Jonathan.  Jonathan had dark wavy hair, olive skin and blue eyes.  I wrote about him all the time, mysterious, dark, deliciously sweet.  I wrote because I was alone, I wrote because I needed an outlet, I hated my life so I made one so perfectly filled with adventure and sex that I could not ask for a better world to occupy my time.

Then one day, I find him, Jonathan.  Online I find this man and he loves to write, he used to be a model in California.  He looked exactly like the Jonathan I wrote about.  He is Jonathan when it comes to his looks but to boot, he was a writer.  He wrote like me, we started writing stories together and we were always in sync.  We would challenge each other and write each other in corners to see if the other could get out.  He was for a while my muse.  I loved him for all that he represented at that moment in my life.  He was my book in real time.  It was crazy and surreal.  Part of me wonders if it all really happened.  I can't find him anymore.  I sometimes wonder if I manifested him and he was never real.  ha ha

Well we finally met and hit it off just as well online, on the phone and in person.  He called me sweetly seductive and I thought that was cute.  He had a way with words and a way he could look at me, see into me.  We had one day, one night and that was it.  He was gone, he called and talked about selling out and moving here with me.  He had a friend that said he could get a good deal on condos around the town I was in.  He said he never would love another like me.  Then of course, the facade shifted, he was gone. 

Why am I posting this?  He was part of a past life, a past life where I got passion right, maybe not love but passion right.  We were a team, he and I, in the past we made a wonderful team, but this life, well, we could be no further opposite than ice and flame.  HE was my muse, my memory just as he is now. 

I write this because I still feel him.  To this day when I sit down to write I can hear him whisper in my hear.  I can still smell his cologne, and feel his fingers against my skin.  I still hold my breath and you know, his soul is a part of my soul.  Our souls are so entirely intertwined with some of our past loves, past siblings, past lives that we will still feel them here.  I think sometimes people forget that we are all truly connected, not just in a 3 degrees of separation kind of way.  Many of our souls are united, and we come back to hang out with our old friends, maybe make a few new ones, find our sisters, brothers, loves, enemies and still spend time with those we have lost and loved.

If Jonathan showed up on my door today I would hug him.  I would ask him where he has been, invite him in for tea.  Write with him and laugh with him.  Though the one thing we both said we would never do together again is go out for Chinese.  (insert smile here)  We need to remember that every life, every person that crosses our path is there for a reason.  It's okay to miss those who were only meant to be on the journey with us for a moment.

So Jonathan, wherever you are, I miss you.  I miss writing with you and telling stories that could never be.  I miss the laughter we would share and the way you would whisper my name with your deep voice.  "Ccceelesste,"  the t only a hint on your lips.  I laugh because though I am married now, part of you lives on inside of me.  I would love to find another soul like yours, one who creates that passion to write with them.  I miss you my muse and every time I write about a Jonathan, I make sure they have one day and one night. 

Strangers in the night,
passing softly,
praying for the light,
knowing it was over,
long before it began
death never kept
The soul from
Finding those
It most longs for
Long before we began
It was over
300 years ago


Miss you my friend. 

Souls, they are a tricky thing.
People say hearts are what connects us, creates love, but I truly believe it is our souls journey.