Friday, October 26, 2012


So I had a friend in the spiritual community that got hit by hard times.  I decided to have her put on her pay site that I would do up to 25 readings at $20.00, all proceeds go to her.  Those were the numbers that spirit gave to me.  As I have been giving the readings the feed back has been amazing.

I don't know what it is about being a Medium, you can do this day in and day out but you still wonder if you are going to get it.  I think it has to do with the amount of negativity we face on a day to day basis.

I don't defend my gift any longer.  I tell people they can believe or not believe.  I will not take on a challenge or play games.  Spirit will warn me if you asked me to say the word "petunia" and I won't.  My guides prevent me from dealing with that small minded nature.  To prove I do what I do isn't about using a catch word, it's about speaking words that touch your heart.  It is about you hearing what you need to heal.

This week, not only am I helping a beautiful friend but getting such lovely reminders of why I do this.  Life, it is a beautiful thing, embrace each moment with those you love.  After all, we never know when one will leave us.

How does your Garden Grow?

I am hoping to finish my book in a year.  Let's see if I can get her done.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A question I have heard a lot

Question:  Why are not all my readings the same?  Why do answers vary when I ask questions?

            There are several things that cause readings to vary from Medium to Medium.  The one thing I always tell people is to know who you are talking to, what is their skill set exactly. 
A Psychic:  Someone who works intuitively, they work with what they perceive or feel about a person.  Often times this is them able to read the individuals energy.
A Medium:  Speaks with those on the other side or in other realms as some say.  So we talk to the dead and to those who have not yet lived on earth.  Mediums can bring through characteristics of those you loved and Angels, guides, etc.  A Medium can also be Psychic, which is where the term Psychic Medium came from.  I work intuitively as well as work with your guides, Angels, etc to give you the best reading possible. 
There are different types of Mediums also but I am not going to get into that here as it has little to do with the question at hand.
            So let’s take this another way and say you went to two Mediums and spirit came through and gave you different information about the same situation that is contradictory.  Here are a few things to remember when you get a reading.

1.      FREEWILL:  We are allowed to create our own happiness or unhappiness, we make choices and every choice we make can affect our lives.  That being said, choices others make can affect our lives.   So let’s say at one reading they say you just met the man of your dreams and you have a good connection, at another they said he isn’t the one.  First of all you probably had that feeling by this point but two he could have cheated, he could have been swayed to cheat or he found someone else which wasn’t in the cards previously.  That brings us on to lessons.
2.      LESSONS:  We are on this world to learn lessons.  No decisions we make are either right or wrong.  We are supposed to learn, so if we choose not to learn we make the same choices over and over again.  Because of the choices we make we change the outcome of situations in our lives.
3.      TIME:  Doesn’t exist on the other side, the idea of them tell you, “Thursday July 21, 2015 you will get an answer to…” is not going to happen.  So this leads to confusion in some information at time.  Spirit exists mostly in the now and at the moment of the reading the information given to you is accurate.
4.      INTERPRETATION:  Guess what; speaking with spirit is like playing that game telephone.  They give me information, whether it is through images, words, feelings, sensations and I have to interpret what it means. I am known for saying, “I am not sure why I am being show a pie but I am going to give it to you.  You do what you want with it.”  Spirit often gives me things out of context and I am supposed to make sense for you.  I am supposed to tell you what the symbol of a horse means to you when I know nothing about you or your Grandfather.  Sometimes you don’t even know until months later.
5.      PSYCHIC VS MEDIUM:  People do not always know how to label what exactly they do.  Many have to simply read up and try to figure out what skill set they have.  A Psychic often works intuitively and so they pick up on YOUR energy and sometimes will read your hopes and desires, especially if you are a good at manifesting what you want in your life.  Sometimes the line between what you want and what is happening can become blurred.
6.      LEVEL YOUR WORKER IS AT:  Every single Medium and Psychic I know starts from somewhere and ends somewhere on their journey.  I don’t want to ever say that one is better than the other, just some work with different beings and work at different vibrations.  I take that back, I will say some are worse, those who make everything negative, trying to hurt you should not be worked with.  We all should be working to help you reach your best potential.    
7.      WHO ARE WE WORKING WITH:  The spirits and beings on the other side are all at different vibration levels and are working at healing themselves?  Whatever lesson they did not learn here they will relive and have to figure out over there.  Everyone is at a different vibration and can be more objective.  Sometimes they have been known to guide someone in the wrong direction in hopes that a lesson that is meant to be learned is taken care of.  They are there for your highest good and that means sometimes pushing you into a situation that will require you to learn and heal. 
8.      MEDIUM OR PSYCHIC (HUMAN):  How long have they been doing what they are doing and what is the skill set they have.  Are they having a good day?  Have they had a recent upheaval in their lives?  Sometimes we are not on our game, we are not perfect, in fact, and we are very human.  A good psychic or medium will not charge you if you feel like you have not gotten anything.  In fact, if the answer isn’t what another person told you, you should say something like, “can I have more clarification on this topic, last reading the answer was slightly different.”  You don’t tell them exactly what the other answer was but see if you can get more information with out telling them everything.
9.      SPIRIT IS NOT A PUPPET SHOW WE DON’T CONTROL THEM: After I do a reading, at the very end, I always ask, “Do you have any questions that were not answered in this session?”  Spirit, when working with a medium, gives what they feel is the most important information according to what is going on in their lives right now.  So perhaps you want to know about your new relationship but spirit knows you need to start looking for a new job or you are going to be out of one.  Not being able to financially support yourself is more important than whether your hot co-worker is going to ask you out.
10. FRAUDS:  They are out there, and some of them don’t even realize it fully.


Any other questions, ask me.
Copyright 10/15/2012
Celeste Lamarre-Vernale
Celestial Messages

Monday, October 15, 2012

The loss of my mother

I forgot to update the lost off my Mother.  She died August 28th, 2012.  It has been only a month since she left, the emptiness I feel is quite numbing and yet at other times I am fine.  It is Halloween time and a favorite time for me and my Mom.  We have been looking at houses and reality is setting in that my Mom won't be here for that.  I am feeling quite a bit of emptiness lately but when I yell at her for something, like I have to deal with probate now, I will instantly smell cigarette smoke, and none of us smoke in my house.  I know she is around but man it sucks not to be able to pick up the phone.  My step-father's cell phone still has my Mom's voice on the voicemail, sometimes I call it just to hear her again, and then I cry of course.  No one really has any idea how much I am hurting, I try to look strong and move on with my life.  I think that is all any of us can do.

Momma, I love you.

Did you hear me?

As a Medium or a therapist one of the hardest things is watching someone get what you are saying and cry because the truth is resonating and then nothing.  We watch you fall and make the same mistakes and come back crying wondering why you aren't moving forward.  Spirit tries to guide with kindness and love and many of the people in this world UNDERSTAND the concept but have trouble putting it into play.  I of course am no less guilty of such things than anyone else who sits before me.

I have had clients come time and time again, spirit gives them warnings and then they are angry when their life goes to hell.  I can empathize with the emotions they are feeling but I can not understand why they do NOT take responsibility for their own actions.  It is your fault that life just kicked your ass 6 ways to sunday.  It is no other person who caused this on you.  I do not want to hear about how people abused you, hurt you, or generally stepped all over you, I get it, been there, felt it but I am fully responsible for what I do with myself when I move forward.

Spirits message the last few days; "Take responsibility for your own life."

Just do it....

How does your garden grow?  This time of year, sometimes a little slow.