Saturday, February 28, 2015

I never knew that my acceptance would help so many people

I suffered through this "gift" also know as the "curse" growing up.

It started with Seeing
Then physical contact
Then dreams,
Then knowing
Then saying things and being right but not knowing how I knew
Then Ouija
Then cards
Then Pendulums
Then feeling
Sensing emotion
It grew and grew.  I tried to stifle.
One day I was face with a possession and I stopped that jerk and he never came back with the same energy.
Then, it happened, one day I accepted it.  I just started trusting the process with out question.  I just opened up and what happened was amazing.

I began to change peoples lives.  I have a dear friend who came to me at an event I was at and it changed her life.  She is now healing people too.  You should know who you are.

I have cleared peoples homes of negativity, helped them find a new way to think, restored their faith in God.  I have helped people realize their potential, see that they are going to be okay, change the world one person at a time. 

By accepting who I am, I have helped others accept who they are and their experiences.

We can't help others unless we have help ourselves to accept who we are.  We are perfect and there is a reason we are given what we are.  If we learn to take what happens to us and grow we become better human beings. 

It isn't always easy but it is always possible.  Sometimes it just takes a longer time than others.

How does your garden grow?
Mine is spreading out to others now. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Life is never over until it's over

I always hear people say, "Why me?"
"What have I done to deserve this?"
I don't know, you were ummmmm BORN!

Life is not easy and the meaning of it is whatever the hell you make of it! 

So I figure this, life isn't over until it's over.
We got a say before we got here as to what would happen.  That being said, we don't get to see what lessons we checked off and how much hell we decided to put ourselves through.  Notice the different uses of Hell in one story.  LOL  I am amusing myself today.

Truth is if you keep getting screwed over by people, it's time to pick out some better people.  Oh don't tell me you have because most likely you are picking the same type of friends.  Then you whine and complain that they are assholes and not really there for you. 

I have been the one that has been there for someone who constantly complained about their life and eventually I wasn't the best friend anymore they replaced me because I was nice I guess.  Gosh darn it people, I may be boring but I am a good boring friend to have.

In the end the fact is Life is not OVER until LIFE IS OVER.  WHO wants that?

The point is to live and to perfect being the best person you can be despite the obstacles and shit heads around you.  People are by nature selfish.  They do not do things to you but do things that may somehow benefit them.  Your goal is to move past it with a better sense of self and a kinder nature.  To be sure not to do the same thing. 

Be love, be kindness and be goodness.  Enjoy every hug, kiss, moment of love, laughter in your life.  We don't know when those we love will leave, we don't know when we will leave, but all we can do is remember to be good and kind.

Life is never over until it's over, so embrace each moment like a new moment to shine.


How does your Garden Grow?

Monday, February 23, 2015


Today is the day that I stop dying

To please the world

Today is the day that I stop trying

To care for the world

Today is the day that I stop crying

No one ever sees

Today is the day that I stop lying

I start and be me
Celeste Lamarre-Vernale
Today this blog is about you, I don't know who you are but I know you are out there.  I know you are tired, and broken.  I know you wait for things to change and feel like you are caged.  I know that you read my blog and say, "I can make changes and get control of my life."  Sometimes you still fall short.  I know you care too much and love too deeply.  I know you are aching and hurting.  I know you need to hear this.  I know, and I have been there.


(Oddly this is not about me, not sure who is feeling this way but today is your day my loves.  How does your Garden Grow?)

Friday, February 20, 2015

The State of Human Nature Who SHOULD I Be

Human nature:
What separates from beast?

Not a lot.

I guess I get frustrated when I hear people say things like, "well they should know better." 

Who should no better?  What is it that makes us less primal driven and more focused as a human being. 

I get spoken to a lot about being too loving.  I am too touchy freely and friendly.  I was raised on physical contact.  I would fall asleep in my mothers lap while she stroked my hair.  I was hugged kissed and told how much I was loved.  I would not give up physical contact for any reason ever.  My believe is it is as close to freedom my soul can feel while trapped in this vessel we call the human form. 

I was told that we need to have more decorum, but seriously, pets will lick themselves in public, they don't worry about what people are thinking.  Now I am not recommending public showers or having a free love society, though I see nothing wrong with that.  What I am suggesting is we stop and look at the restrictions we put on ourselves as a human and ask, "Where are these from?"


Everything we do originates from an idea, concept of what is good and proper.

We should be married and monogamous.
We should have children.
We should have a high paying job.
We should go to college.
We should take care of others.
We should be nice.


If you are happy being married great.
If you are happy being monogamous great.
If you have children and love them great.
Do you have to have these things?  NOPE

I have been talking to people in open marriages.  They are happy for the most part.  They allow their partner to understand the more carnal side of their nature and support them in any direction they choose to take.

I have friends who are bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual and not sexual at all.
I have friends who are 30 year old virgins and they seemed almost ashamed to mention they were a virgin and I am like, MORE POWER TO YOU.

The point is we are labeling people and deciding what is best for them.

Instead of asking, "What do you do?  Are you married?"
Maybe we should say, "So what are you doing that makes you happy?"

SO how does your Garden Grow?
What are you doing to make you happy?

Absent for fun

I have been absent for a very good reason.  I have been absent for fun.  I have been busy laughing and traveling to and from Boston.  My goal is to be the funniest Celeste I can be.  That being said, I miss all of you. 

I have no great saying or some new found aha moment that will serve anyone a purpose.  Nothing really, or do I?  I usually do don't I?  Even if it is a bit, how do we say, rambly.

I am writing this not because I want you to read it but because I want me to read this.  Every now and then we get caught up with all that is going on around us.  We become what I call a victim of our own circumstances.  We forget our own goals and dreams, allowing others to dictate our lives for us.

The only person in this world that holds us back from our goals is ourselves.  We have a, "blame the lowest common denominator" society.  "I am not doing well because, xyz and she/he wasn't really doing their share."  Sometimes we have to do our share and everyone elses share too.  Sometimes we HAVE to go it alone to get what we want.  SOMETIMES we have to PUSH and PUSH.  SOMETIMES WE HAVE TO LOOSE A FEW FOLKS TRAILING BEHIND AND NOT BECAUSE WE DON'T LOVE THEM.

I preach a lot about loving our fellow human but there is a difference between loving them and working with them.  Sometimes in order for us to get done what we need to get done we need to politely say, "I am sorry we obviously are not on the same page I am moving ahead on my own."  Or we need to politely decline an offer, "I am sorry I would love to help you but I am afraid I would slow you down."  It's okay to move aside or move on. 

For example Pistol Shrimp my Improv Group, I love those ladies and we had a BLAST.  However, I saw the signs all over the place, different priorities, changes in plans and people moving forward in other directions.  THAT IS OKAY.  They did what they needed to do and that is AWESOME!!!!  I don't think we can all possibly be on the same page at the same time and when it is right, it is right.  At no point did I feel animosity or feel frustrated with them focusing on different goals.  I felt disappointed because I LOVED spending time with the girls but that was it.

I think sometimes we try to play nice in fear of hurting people.  It is the old saying if one door closes another opens.  If we REMEMBER this in life we would have an easier time accepting those closing doors.  I really believe that we need to remember that we are all writing our own books.  If a chapter is done let it go, if someone said they want to be a part of something and they are not that is okay.  Maybe they really wanted to but are not organized, focused, enough.  Who knows the exact reason but don't get angry at them, move forward, find a way to make it work.

I am writing this to REMIND MYSELF that I need to focus better for the sake of all my future plans and focus for the sake of other future plans with friends.  My friend Sharon and I had a big plan we never got off the ground but I shouldn't stop.  So I go back to the drawing board.  I rework my work and I look for a way to bring about change. 

Life is too short to hide in the shadows and pout, stomping our feet when things don't go our way.  Sometimes the best thing we can do is look at our own accountability.  I am unhappy because I can't get done what I want to get done, why?  Is someone slowing you down, change direction, is it something you are doing, make changes. 

Don't just let life happen, you live your life.

So how is your Garden Growing?

Mine has been under about 3 feet of snow for about six months.  ;-) 
Moving forward though, always moving forward whether I like it or not.  SO why not like it, regain control. 

Oh and if you want to come see me, come check out this future endeavor I got off the ground.  It's going to be a great time.


At the Curtis House Inn
3:00pm to 5:30 pm and afterwards we meet up and chat.
A gallery with me tea/coffee and snacks
Price is still to be determined and this will be up on their Web page soon.
Price $25.00 a person with limited seats. Come check out the longest running Inn in Connecticut and enjoy your time with me.