Monday, July 20, 2015

Did you just judge me? Shame on you!


I don’t hate you.
I don’t judge you.
What in this society has created a belief that if people have a different view/belief that they are judging you?  

As a Medium, Healer, Teacher I come across this a lot with my peers.  

WE have to remember as a collective that all of us teachers are here for a reason.  We are all teaching various versions of a similar story so that we can reach more people.  Not one of us is above or below each other.  We are walking side by side, hand in hand, embracing, engulfing those who are seeking answers with love.  We may not be the right person for them and that is okay.  There journey is different than ours and in the end we just wish them well on their journey.

I have hit this wall time and time again where I disagree with someone and question where their belief came from and suddenly I am judging them.

I no way am I judging anyone but I did not grow until people pushed me to question where my understanding of God, The Devil, and The Universe comes from.  Where did my idea and belief system build from and was there anything there that no longer served me but I held on to like a security blanket.  To be a proper teacher one must first put aside their beliefs and help the student question theirs.  In turn possibly changing the teacher’s belief or the students.

If I state that I do not believe in ORBS because I understand the science that is my choice.  If you do not like that I hand you the science behind it that becomes your belief but I am not going to back down from my belief.  I believe we were given spirituality and science to coexist so we are not tricked and deceived by others.  That is my belief and if you believe differently than so be it.  I will not sit here and judge you.

The stronger you are in your convictions and beliefs the more people feel judged.  I question my beliefs CONSTANTLY; I am continually looking for more answers and perhaps a variation of my understanding.  I am not seeking those who think exactly like me but those who wish to broaden their beliefs.  In the end we are all hear to learn, listen, talk, ask question.

DISCUSSION in and of itself means that you will discuss topics, ask questions, state points of view.  There is a beauty in understanding that each person’s journey is different and that I am okay to believe what I want to believe.  I don’t want people to follow others blindly; I want them to ask themselves, “WHY DO I BELIEVE THIS!”  If you do not agree with me I don’t think you are judging me. 

Ask questions, that is how you learn.  Answer questions that are an even more important part of the learning process.  Do not turn your back on those who make you uncomfortable in your faith.  It may be time to listen or question your own beliefs.  Breathe through these changes in life and do not take everything personally.

I am not here to judge but guide.

You are not here to judge but guide.

We are not here to judge but guide one another through this thing called life.

Now if someone resorts to name calling and slandering you behind your back, they are judging and they on a very different path than you.  You can choose to stay around and try to help them or you can decide to get out of dodge.  I usually recommend the last option.  Nothing good has ever come from me trying to reason with an aggressor.  Just don’t assume people are judging you due to lack of agreement though.  Not everyone is on the same path and that is AOKAY!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

What happened to real human interaction. The face of over sensitivity.

I wonder what has happened to society at times.

Have we been raised that discussion simply means each person states their thought and opinion and we leave it at that?

What happened to proper communication and explanation?

What happened to, "I don't agree with you and here is why?"
What happened to, "I don't agree with you so I was wondering why you feel the way you do?"
What happened to, "I may still not agree with you but it's your life/journey?"
What happened to, "I am not offended by everything that everyone says that doesn't fit into my bubble?"
What happened to listening? 
I know, people have grown to be completely insulted by others not agreeing with them and it doesn't make sense to me. 
I will question you about your beliefs, I want to UNDERSTAND where you came from and how you came to where you are. Not because I am right and you are wrong, but because all of our unique experiences in life lead us to new roads to travel. 

I was always taught to read the book from front to back.  Not to just read the ending.  I like to know the story, not the ending.  We as humans are fascinating creatures and I see nothing wrong with wanting to explore a humans belief system or needs.

I don't understand a lot of what America has become.  I do not understand a lot of what we as humans in general have become.  I am just sitting here trying to understand why we can not do the following things.  I promise if we did, nothing else would ever matter.

1.  Treat each human being the way they should be treated.  WE ALL MATTER

2.  Be kind to each other.

3.  We all deserve the same rights with love and life.

4.  We all deserve the right to practice the faith and/or spiritual course we believe in.

5.  We should all be a little more buddhist.

6.  Love is free and should be shared with those in need.  A hug doesn't cost you anything but a few seconds of your time.

Be kind, listen, understand and when you are yelling at someone about their poor behavior, reflect on what it is saying about what is going on inside of YOU!

Love, Light and Blessings.