Friday, June 29, 2012

How do we begin to understand who we are when we let others define who they want us to be?

You know I keep handing out business cards with my information, time to remember my blog

Are there really demons?


No, not in the sense that people have create them in.  There is positive and negative, we need this in the world but humans create these beastly little creatures.  I don't know how to explain them, but they are strange monsters in all shapes, sizes.  Sometimes people create them into nothing more than a shadow, others have a true physical shape and all of them can be very nasty.  Just like if a bad thing happened to an object it can carry a very negative energy.  The point is you need to send love and believe in the process of healing and cleansing.  When you face negative with fear and you look at the negatives with fear you give it power.  Or you can send it love and wish it well.  We have power over the negative just as much as we have power over the positive.

This is where I get so frustrated with the human race.  People who anger easily, they do not filter out that which is not important.  So lets say someone gives you lip service, a family member for example.  Let's face it in families everyone has opinions and we need to learn to let that anger go.  Otherwise, two days later an accident happens, lets say you drop the food on the floor and the dog eats your steak, suddenly it's the dogs fault and you are yelling and cursing.  Not sure if you are pissed at the dog or yourself.  I think that we all need to take a deep breath, not just you even I do this.  It is about truly letting go of anger and sending out love.  It is a difficult proces and learning experience for everyone.  Anger is nothing more than built up energy inside that needs to come out and will do so at the most inappropriate time. 

So do yoga, meditaiton, yell at the top of your lungs, tell the person who upset you that they are upsetting you and you wish to not talk to them until they have nice things to say.  Be honest, let it go and don't hold on to the anger, the negativity because eventually it will manifest itself.

Be well and be blessed.

How does your spiritual garden grow?

FYI Just spell checked and I didn't spell a single word wrong this time, go me.  OH AND I can't promise there aren't grammatical errors and run on sentences.  HA HA

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things I get asked, a lot

People ask me all kinds of questions, so here are some things I am going to clear up immediately.

1.  "Can you tell (enter name here) I love them, forgive them, hate them for being stupid?"  Whatever the statement may be.  I could tell them that, but you just did.  If I can talk to them and they are in the room they can hear you.  Don't ask me to do the one thing you have been wanting to do forever.

2.  "Are they okay?"  Of course they are okay, they are off of our world.  They no longer suffer the pain that we do here, the emotional, physical and psychological drama of the world.  They are fine, once they get there they are okay with death.  There are rare exceptions and if that exception was taking place I would be able to tell you and you wouldn't have to ask.

3.  "Is (enter name) going to die soon?"  People believe we have a set date of exiting.  This is not true really.  We can shape this by how long we want to fight, how long we want to be a part of this life.  We make choices every day.  Have you ever read one of those choose your own adventure books.  It's a lot like that, one choice can send you in a spiral somewhere new.  We have lessons to learn and depending on the choices we make depends on how fast we get there to learn the lesson or exit stage left with out learning our lessons. 

4.  "Did they experience pain when they died?"  Most people experience some discomfort on a body level, but they are usually comfortable and I know of no other way to explain that to you.

5.  "Will Demons come through and talk to me?"  There is ying and yang, positive and negative and if you believe that a demon, or negative entity is going to come through it will.  That being said, there is some level that you need to learn accountability.  I have experienced events that are very much like Amityville Horror, truth is, they were all controlled with love, prayer and an honest believe that I could shape the events happening around me through God.  No matter what your God is, God is energy and the energy he is is love and he can help.  So no, I won't let Demons come talk to you, no they will not possess your body, mine or anyone else.  You have control over things that happen and I do too.  I only let the best and brightest come through for you.  Okay so maybe not the brightest in life but they are over there.

6.  "Don't you get tired?"  Physically, yes, I am often busy during the day and then I come to do readings.  If you feel tired I probably do also.  Working with spirit is like soaking up the rays of the sun, or spending time with an old friend that you haven't seen in a while.  Those sort of things, that sort of feeling of lost time but being extremely happy it is lost and rejuvenated in your soul is what it is like.  For me, I love working with spirit because it's a rejuvenation. 

7.  My favorite, "I always have these dreams," YES, before you finish YES IT IS THEM!  If you woke up with a sense like you could feel them, touch them, smell them and even wonder if you were going to wake up with them, yes they were visiting.  If you ask them why they are there because they are supposed to be dead and they laugh at you and say they are feeling better, YES it is most likely them.  Enjoy the blessing.

If you have any other questions ask, I will answer to the best of my knowledge and if don't know, I'll find out.

Monday, June 25, 2012


I believe that everything is possible.  I believe it’s impossible to fail, if you believe, in who you are…..
Every day we can wake up and make a change, and every day we may fall short…..
But every moment that we live we can change, and try again, and try again….
The only moment we can fail, is the moment we forget who we are…..
The only moment we can fail, is when we forget to love who we are….
Every day change is possible; I wake every morning just to see….
What it is that I may be given, to make me a better me….
Every day something new is possible, you will never ever fail.
Just believe in who you are, what you want to achieve
It’s on its way to you, every moment is brand new
Everything is possible.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The traveler

The Traveler:
I have traveled roads of all kinds, left ways, sideways and wrong ways at times.  I have traveled dirty back roads, and roads that were paved and some that were stone.  I have traveled the roads paved with good intentions, only to find it break down at the end.  I have traveled roads being built, paving the way for others to use.  I have traveled roads that weren't even roads but just paths through the woods.  The darkest and dirtiest roads I have found to do me the most good for my soul.  The more that I struggle and I squint to see, the more I have learned and understood.  I have found that greatest destinations are the ones I have long travels to see.  I don't feel like I need to take the paved road, the one that friends tell me to take.  It is easier I find to take the dirt road and see what I can while I drive.  Steering my way through life's bumps and bangs, through the troubled storms and the sunny days.  I travel at times with fear and trepidation and others with joy and love.  I find that the easiest way to go anywhere is with faith and a love in my heart.  In the end there is just one road left for me, a singular arch way with a beautiful breeze, the road paved with golden and healing light, the road to my heaven when my life's light goes out.  So far away but always close enough.  Every road I take has the golden under glow, of faith and of beauty when I will go.  My final destination many years away, but my ultimate driving force for who I am today.  Be blessed and be loved and enjoy the journey.  Follow your path and see your purpose, through faith and with love, you will get through it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To write or not to write, that is the question

I am struggling often times with things to write as it seems that it becomes repetitive.  However, in repetition comes learning or annoyance.  Obviously I am trying to avoid annoying individuals but it happens.

I find that the moments I feel most at peace is when I am either doing readings or I am writing.  I should say, the times I feel most at peace while in a conscious or semi conscious state.  I find meditations lately have been quite depressive and I have spent a lot of time crying, which is something I loathe doing. 

Perhaps that is what I need to write about.  I often tell people it's okay to cry and yet I hate it.  I hate everything about crying, I hate the sting of the tears, I hate the soreness that develops in the back of my mouth, I hate the stuffiness I get, but most of all, I HATE the way I feel inside.  The level of pain that I feel, even if crying over something stupid like a movie, just makes me want to scream.  I feel like I could not ever live with that pain, why?  Because I bottled so much pain in my life away to function daily that I have now come to acknowledge that when the flood gates open it isn't about that one event, it is about healing a bunch of stuff.

I am a survivor, one of those survivors that push through life's tragedies and figures I will deal with it later.  Be it a physically/sexually/emotionally abusive relationship, the death of someone I loved, the loss of a relationship and/or the struggle of watching others struggle.  Truth is, I have NEVER taken the time to cry and the more I cry the more depressed I feel.  So I prefer not to and yet I am the one person who tells people, "it's okay to cry, we all need to cry."  I tell people this not to be a hypocrite but because I have to remind myself, "it's okay, let it out, don't wait for some stupid movie or one small event to set loose a wave of tears." 

I sometimes feel extremely weird for this behavior but it is what it is. 

The other thing people always say is I am loud. 

If you wonder why?

I am partially deaf,
If I am being loud you have to let me know. 
But I might cry.


Be well and be blessed.
How does your garden grow?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Spirit wants us to heal....

Many times I meet so many people in my line of work that are still mourning the death of a loved ones.  It could be years later, two years later....  Spirit understands we all mourn the loss of the physical but they want us to celebrate their spirit and who they were, the positives, they want us to forgive their trespasses as we forgive theirs, they want us to look deep inside of us and find joy.  Everyone always asks me, "is he/she okay?"  They are better than okay, they are fabulous.  They reach a level of joy and love that is unsurpassed by anything felt here on earth.  It is important that you remember they don't want you to cry over their belongings, fight over their money, home, they just want you to move on with your life and live it with positivity and love.  They also want you to remember that we should feel joy, joy...  So when someone is suffering a loss, that is normal, that is part of the human process.  It is one of the hardest lessons we all learn on earth, the art of moving forward despite the loss of a loved one.  The physical loss is hard, but they are still with you.