Monday, February 17, 2014

Something that was in my mind so I just wrote it out quick. Wanted to say hello

           I stood beneath the dried flowers,

Half the beauty they once were. 

They hung in the middle of the doorway,

Like some sort of story lore. 

I walked past cracked plaster

And ceilings caving in

I heard children laughing

Parents that would sing

I heard arguing

And angry words

But more than anything

I heard the whispered promise

Of flowers above the door

A story of love

Perhaps lost

Perhaps forgotten

I didn’t know for sure

Walking up the cracked stair case

Water dripping down the walls

Stories flaking from the ceiling

And outdated wall paper tarnished brown

From years of soot and dirt

I made my way to the attic

Quietly I snuck up the stairs

In the corner of the wall

A doll lay naked and bare

The roof let in spots of sun

Made my smile broaden

I knew this house would some day fall

The memories of here would soften

Dreams that were born here

May have died here too

But my mind wandered back to the flowers

Hanging in the door

For just a moment I realized

Every place has had love

Every place has seen anger

Everyone has been loved

Everyone has seen anger

We all need to remember

Every home has a story

Every story has a plot

Every plot has a beginning

Every beginning an end

In the middle is the heart

Of who we are

The stories we have

Embrace them

Love them

And respect all those

Who have walked the streets

The land

Respect all those

Who have come before you

Who will come after

Respect the houses that still stand

The ones that will fall

Those that will be built

For their will be flowers for them all


Celeste Lamarre-Vernale

February 17, 2014