Friday, August 2, 2013


I have recently heard this saying more than once,
"I love you is so over used.  It holds no meaning anymore."

Really?  I would like to hear it more.
"Hi Dad I love you, Mom, I love you."
OR how about, "You are not behaving properly child but I love you."
I love you gosh darn it why should we not throw it around. 

I remember the lovely Pastor Allen Noddin at Newington's CT said something to me.  I remember this like they were words from God.  "If you face opposition, angry people, negative experiences send them love." 

So if we should send love to all and wish them well, how is it possible to over use it?  In the end shouldn't we be focused on love. 

As I always say, we do not need to like everyone but we should always send them love.  You don't have to call your brutal enemy and say, "I LOVE YOU MAN!"  You should though take a moment and say to the universe, "I recognize that this situation is brought into my life for my betterment and thank you, I send love to (insert name) and wish them well on their journey."  Of course you do not need to write this down and quote me but we should always look at this word we use.

IS love really used enough?  Can you say, "I wish you well and blessings?" enough?  Is it possible to really over use positive words too much?  I love my friends dearly, all of them, male and female.  I get told by people that I shouldn't tell the guys I love them.  Are you kidding me?  Why?  Love shouldn't imply sex right?

My best friend back in elementary school and all through to college, KJ and I would sleep in the same bed.  We would tell each other we love each other and kiss each other on the mouth.  Did that make it sexual?  NO, we were best friends, I would do anything for her and loved her deeply and still do.  We live close by but my schedule has been crazy and I miss her all the time, because I love her.

LOVE is not a word that is thrown around too much.  We as a collective group should use it more freely.  Okay so maybe we will get some strange looks when you tell the Coffee Barista that you love her but you know, spread it as much as you can before they lock you up.  ;-)