Friday, July 28, 2017

Book Writing and the Evolution of a Story

I am not the greatest writer.
I fail basic grammar rules.
I fail keeping my shit together.
I just fail at writing in a proper manner approved by American Standards but screw that noise.

What I fail in grammar correctness, spelling perfection I make up for in passion.
I make up with mental candy and spiritual thoughts.

I am not here to be perfect but to value where I excel and be okay with what I don't.

So here it is:

I was working on my book and at first it was my Ghost Stories and how I embraced by Medium status.  It was about how I embraced ME!  Well how egocentric is that?  I was like, "What are you doing Celeste?  Isn't the point of this book about helping others grow?"

I realized at that moment that this blog has been an evolution too.  As we spiritually grow we start to get more information that is maybe a little different than before.  As this goes on I realize that what I knew before was not wrong, it was correct for that passage in my Journey.

Jesus said to me today during a reading, "Everything is right and nothing is correct."  

All of our beliefs hinge on our up bringing and then the things we read and then.....

The more we explore, the more we push ourselves through meditation and study we learn even more.

My Journey is not right for everyone and some journey's are not right for me.  As I watch some people stop the journey I think, "that is all they need."

Let us not judge other people on their Journey.  Let us not tell them how to get there.  Do not belittle those who do not do as you do but raise them up to find their path.  Help light their way and if they diverge from your path pray a light will come to help them continue on their way.

Spirit, GOD, Universal Knowledge is at every persons spiritual finger tips.  You have to put the time and energy into the meditation, journaling, and studying however that suits you.  Follow your intuition as you study and follow your path.

My new book title.
Spiritual Growth and the BS that comes along with it.
If we can't smile, laugh and be with joy, we are missing the point of the journey.  One can not lead the spiritual evolution with a lower vibration of EGO over running their methodology.  I have taken my ego out of the story and focused on the how to and the consequences of choosing a more spiritual path.  The consequences like letting go of ego and letting go of energies that are pulling you down.  Having to let go of all your teaches and create a vulnerability like you have never felt.  Strip yourself of all trauma and trouble, to rebuild by taking what you need and leaving behind what you don't.

It is a story where I will touch on my experiences as an example but not as the story.
I lost my father in law, my uncle, my father to stroke and then death, my mother, my child inside of me and what is left, a rawness that I had to face.  That rawness in the last year has revised a ton of my understanding.

How does your Garden Grow?