Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was thinking about things, I often do, and I was thinking that some days just seem to become lost. When I say lost, I simply mean that you blink your eyes and it is evening. You at times feel like you have missed the entire point of the day, it just goes by in the blink of an eye doing the mundane. It sort of breaks my heart.

Now I know that not every day can be fantabulously perfect where everything is going to be just about what you WANT to do and most days are about what you have to do, but it is still a little heart breaking. We, as humans create this cycle of, "got to get it done."

What is got to get it done exactly? Well we have to get things done based on it's importance in our life. I mean for some they are things like:
1. I have got to go to work to pay my car payment, rent, etc.
2. I have got to go grocery shopping.
3. I have got to go have breakfast.
4. I have got to go have lunch.
5. I have got to make dinner dinner.
6. I have got to go get my coffee/tea.

I know these seem basic but really, how many times do you go to the grocery store? How much time does that take out of your day? If you go more than once a week you are wasting time. If you can plan your weeks meals out and just do one shopping trip a week you can completely save maybe a half an hour a day for things you enjoy.

Now I know we end up at the grocery store 1-2 times a day because it is "just down the street." That mentality makes us waste time, gas and energy. How about, "I have got to get coffee." Okay for some of you that might be reading this who have not had your morning coffee yet, please avert your eyes, for those who have, you do not NEED to go take 15-20 minutes of your day to go get coffee, you could have it being made at home as you brush your teeth.

Lets face it, we fill our days with little things because we forget to prioritize properly and plan our time accordingly. The only thing that prevents us from having a fantabulous day every day is not giving ourselves times to do something fantabulous.

Now this doesn't take a lot of time, it can just be a cup of tea and a book to read or even, my favorite, just sitting down writing.

So this is my "ASSIGNMENT BLOG READERS" I want you to plan out your week and give yourself 30 minutes to do something that is fantabulous for you. Now you have to decide what is fantabulous, maybe it is just a cup of tea and reading instead of worrying about the dishes in the sink. Whatever it might be, post and let me know about it.

For me, I made this day fantabulous by writing this blog.

Peace and love, keep planting and tending your spiritual garden. Keep growing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have been busy doing class work and teaching classes. I will be back to blogging once I get back from my vacation. I have a lot to say and just don't have the time to type it out.

Please remember to meditate. If you have a situation that seems impossible, it is time to focus inward and find a solution that works for you.

Keep tending your garden and growing.

Always remember also, we all have the answers for ourselves and we need to trust in that.
If we see a friend struggling, remember your advice to them may be biased, instead, try to offer support, no matter what their choice is and encourage them to think about it.


Monday, March 7, 2011


This world is runs around these expectations. We expect a significant other to be or do this, we expect a friend to do that, we expect ourselves to do x, y and z and have a, b and c already accomplished by a specific age. WHY DO WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES.

I know the world needs to run to some degree and we need some level of order and deadlines. Yes in the business world this is fine, however, you know the old saying, "What happens at works, stays at work." Brilliant concept because we should not put deadline expectations on ourselves or others. We should not just EXPECT people to act a certain way, it boggles my mind on some days.

The other day I got, "we have to...." insert phrase. I looked at them and said, "Oh, I would love to, I do not have to, but would love to." I do not HAVE to go to school, I do not HAVE to finish my degree, I do not HAVE to loose weight, I do not HAVE to eat healthy, and I certainly do not HAVE to deal with people being rude hiney heads.

The point is I do not HAVE to do anything. I used to love to say, the only two things I HAD to do was be born and die. Even that, as my understanding of spiritualism comes into full range, I realize, I did not have to even do that.

We put expectations on ourselves that create "have tos" and if you are feeling overwhelmed by your have tos, don't put such high expectations on yourself. Oh and for goodness sake if nothing else in this world, forgive yourself if a have to doesn't get done and forgive those who can not meet your expectations every day.

I love flowers and surprise gifts, I love to be cooked for and other random little things. My husband doesn't do any of these things but you know what, the only reason I get upset about it, is because I put this expectation on my relationship, thus making my attitude towards him unhealthy. Though if he would do those things I would appreciate it.

In the end, I have no expectations of my friends other than they keep in touch and treat me kindly. If they are upset with me for something I said, I know I can be direct can sometimes be salt to a wound, I want to be told. I might be upset at first, human ego, but I have more respect for people who address me directly.

One should never be harmful to others and the only time we are is when we put expectations on them.

Though these following expectations we should all embrace:
1. To be treated with respect.
2. To be abuse free, both verbal, physical and sexual.
3. To be free to express ourselves with out threat of personal attack.
4. To be loved.
5. If we find someone to not be a quality person, we should be able to walk away.
6. We should always, ALWAYS LOVE OURSELVES and love those we create.

If you have any, HAVE TOS or EXPECTATIONS that are essential to a positive frame of mind, please share.

Blessings come in the most peculiar ways sometimes. People don't see them, have you seen one of yours today?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good morning sleepy head

I did not sleep well last night. We had a new visitor, a friends dog stayed with us and I was concerned all night. He was fine but I slept lightly, that and like the rest of the human population I am waiting for the financial swing to the positive. Please refrain from laughing so hard.

The world is full of beauty and I am blessed to be reminded of this nearly daily. Today though, at the holistic fair, not only did I see beautiful items, beautiful people but beautiful souls.

When I do readings though, sometimes you see the worst of the worst. People at their darkest times, just hoping that there is some moment coming their way that will clarify it all. It is moments like those I wish I could wrap people up in this world and protect them from.... From..... Themselves!!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sunshine on a rainy day

Have you ever been walking, the sky is blue, the sun is shining and all of the sudden it starts raining? Well to me that signifies life. We can all be walking around, everything looks great, not a bad thing in site and we get side swiped, literally.

We all suffer through these periods of rain, where it doesn't look like we are going to ever see our way out. When that rain hits we can not see past the rain drops, even though the sun is just a few feet in front of us. We don't see the joy, we don't feel the warmth in our life and I wonder why that is.

Lately I have had this strange feeling that things are changing. I have no control of the change, however, the best way to describe this is that I am on one of those whirly wheels at the park. I am sitting there holding onto the metal bars and some body else is holding on, running in a circle and spinning me around. Round and round she goes, where she stops, no body knows.

I am pretty dizzy, so I would like to get off this ride, but even if I do, I will still be pretty dizzy, things will be a blur, not clear at all. You know, just like I noted with the rain, can not see past the rain drops, can not see past the blur of your eyes. Sometimes, we just have to ride it out and KNOW in our hearts that the sun is just beyond the way, that the ride will stop and we will get off. Life was meant to be a roller coaster, it's time to enjoy the ride.
OR just vomit, after all, sometimes we all need a release. ha ha

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What an Angel

I just read an article about a woman who killed her three year old boy and then put him in the oven. What would ever possess a woman to do this to their child. I will never understand but I had to write about it. When we read these articles we need to remember the lesson and that it can be anyone. Protect any child you feel is being abused in anyway you can. Let humanities ego be pushed aside and let us truly band together to save the angels on earth, the innocents.

What an angel you truly are
No one will see, just the scar
That marks your decaying body
No one will ever see the truth
Your pain the worlds enemy
As we turn away not to see
The cruelty of human kind
The loss of a child to the world
Is all more haneous when we see
How cruel that human kind can be
If eaten by an animal
Maybe we could understand
Even then a lost, sweet child
Ever bitter on our tongues
I look at you though scars and bruises
At least in heaven the love for you
Is greater than a human
Can ever give an angels soul
You came to be a lesson for all
Of the cruelty that exists inside
All of us in human kind
Angel, oh child who suffered great pain
Like Jesus I pray your lessons live on
That when ego in humans run a muck
We're reminding to love the innocent
So angels of earth, may your lessons be seen
Let there be change rather than pity
Let people see, let them feel, let them know
That Angels choose these lessons not for themselves
But for those who have lost touch with their souls

Celeste Vernale
Copyright 3/2/2011

The Raven

The raven sat upon my door

Knocking as he's done before

He sat there quite beautifully

Looking rather humanly

He cleaned and preened

He washed himself

No messages from him come out

I sit and wonder what it is

What the message is with in

I sit and look deep in his eyes

Who is it that has since died

What story do they bring to me

I wonder, thinking rather deep

He flew from door to branch above

He sits in the branch outside

Calling to his friends near by

They come and join the squawking crew

None of them dare bid adieu

They sit and tell their stories long

I wonder what it is that's wrong

I close my eyes and fly outside

I join the birds, my spirit close

I listen to their simple prose

The cleverness of all the the stories

How they fly with out a worry

They see the dead and speak so freely

A Raven's eyes can see so clearly

I realize how little I really know

I travel now through the trees

Rustling about the leaves

I speak to Ravens far and wide

I understand the spiritual side

They do not come to bring bad news

But rather make us feel renewed

We can always see the divine

The Ravens slowly depart

Yet stay close with in my heart

They take flight to somber air

All I can do is stare

Off into the sky above

They disappear yet leave their love

I question not the message now

The message is finally clear

As I open eyes with a tear

Blessed am I to fly like a Raven

To find myself in a spiritual haven

Finding peace of mind at last

Realizing my daily clash

Between understanding the world and divinity

Blessed are we to reach for blessings

Never go and begin second guessing

Recognize each moment for what it is

Something beautiful to keep with in

Let your love poor out to others

Do not just save it for your lovers

The Raven does speak of love and light

Some used to think the Raven as evil

The Raven was something primeval

Truth is the Raven is just a bird

That has taken the time, it has heard

The calling of the universal energy and light

To shine it's black wings, a shimmering sight

How many of us can shine even in our darkest state

The Raven can

So can you

Celeste Vernale

Copyright 03/2/2011

Time is lost with me

Time is something that gets away from me on a regular basis. I have never lived in this world so to speak. I do have a challenge in understanding that there are days of the week and having assignments due just throws me off. I am baffled by the smallest of time constraints as I feel we should be able to function at our own pace and schedule.

This also does not help me with my concept of driving places and time. The idea of directions is just another mathematical equation that needs not exist. I mean if I close my eyes and meditate I can be where I want to be in moments, not minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc. I can not grasp having to go left instead of right at times and if you are not directionally challenged or time challenged as I am and many of my spiritual friends are, well, this may be confusing.

Attending school has put me into a situation of not understanding. I often say that I am a procrastinator, to some who know me this may actually be an understatement. The things that mean the most to me, emotionally and spiritually are done immediately, those that seem to have little current value are often put off. Sorry! It is just a brain function of mine or is it a SOUL function.

Is it possible to be so connected to the divine that we live with in that realm even when existing on this earth. That we loose the tight connection to the earth, the here and now, the clock so to speak, I feel I have. I am not one with this world, perhaps I never have been. Some might call it ADD or ADHD but fact of the matter is I have neither of those. I can concentrate and get done the things that make sense for my growth right away.

Today is the day that I need to remember that I am part of this world, for as long as I live here on this earth it is important to be considerate of the clock and the days of the week. It is a hard lesson I am facing as deadlines are fast approaching for assignments. I believe I need to keep a schedule, same thing with dinner, I need to start making meal plans or nothing gets done.

I need to remember that as much as I can visit and connect to the divine that is out there, I also have to spend time and live as one on this earth.

How is your spiritual garden growing?