Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trying to live and trying to be alive, two different things

Lady 1: "Ugh I don't want to hear it, at least your doing something you love?"

Lady 2: "Something I love, are you kidding me. I want to help people but we are understaffed and overworked. I am over this."

Lady 1: "If I didn't have kids I would go back to working in a clothing store as a manager and take my ten thousand dollar pay cut."

$10,000/52 = $192.31 (approx.)

$192.31/40hrs = $4.81 extra an hour

Which will probably end up going back to taxes anyhow.

You are getting paid exactly an extra $4.81 an hour to miss out on time with your kids, be miserable and hate everything you do.

I think about the way society has created this money vortex that we all get sucked into.  College careers are the only way to get ahead, yet there is such an over saturation in most fields that many people can’t get jobs.  Then there is the problem that the government keeps having to give hand outs to people who have to work at grocery store or mall just to support their families because these companies can not shell out an extra $4.81 (according to this persons conversation) and instead they need to make a Multibillion dollar profit for the share holders.

Here is the thing, this isn’t a political rant, this is a reality check. 


I walk through the stores, streets and various parks daily.  I see people struggling in life.  I keep hearing, what is the point of all this?  What is the point of life?  I think to myself, we are all missing it.  We all get wrapped up in the I have to do this or I need to do that, we no longer see the point.  We are alive to experience life, love, anger, joy, sadness, depression, euphoria, and the list goes on.

What are we really doing?  Where do we find joy in this rat race?  What steps do I take to change this?

1.           Need less (new phones, new cars, new computers, new furniture, new clothes, new shoes)  Stop spending items on needless shit.  We don’t need to compete with everyone.

2.           Remember you are fine.  You are fine being you.  You do not HAVE to bake ten dozen cookies for your kids school fundraiser, buy some and send them in.  You don’t have to be in your friends wedding, who wants to buy a couple hundred dollar dress?  I mean in the end maybe you could wear it again, maybe when we bury you mmmkay. 

3.           Support people who matter.  Support local small business, friends who make shit, people who are trying to eek out a living by doing things they love.  Look into being a better person all around and get away from big box stores.

4.           FIND YOUR SOUL.  People always ask me what it means to have a souls purpose.  We are all geared towards having a purpose.  We all have a desire, maybe someone wants to just ski their entire lives, well become a ski instructor.  Maybe your passion is taking it easy, you don’t want a high stress job so you want to work as a cashier.  You love hair, make up, massage, drawing, doodling, etc.  There is a place for everyone.  If your soul purpose is to be a Doctor or Nurse, the hours won’t annoy you.  The job might but if the job annoys you move to another practice or location.  However, remember everywhere you work there are going to be people you do not connect with.

5.           Find time for you.  You have kids, a family, or maybe family you need to take care of.  I get it.  What I want you to do is find something, an extra curricular activity that you are PASSIONATE about and embrace that.  Do something with that because it makes you a better person in the long run because you are feeding your heart and soul.

6.           DREAM BIG.  Never stop dreaming. 

7.           Don’t count on others.  Just don’t do that, it’s not fair to them to give them a bunch of have to and should do this and need to do that scenarios.  You don’t like the stress of having to do things for others why should you give that to them. 

8.           LOVE!  Spread that shit around like it is candy.  Everyone needs tokens of love.  Now I am not telling you to hug everyone unless you want to get hit or kicked in the groin.  The point is to do little things to let them know they are loved. 


Here is where it gets fun, These are ideas on how to improve your life but there are hundreds of different ways based on the individual.  The point is we don’t want to be a live with out living.  We don’t want to exist with out having meaning to the existence.

I once told someone to just try and break free from their own person expectations which were so lofty no one could meet them, not even her.  To let go of her desire to be perfect because we are all imperfect creatures in an imperfect world.  We are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be human.  Riddled with faults, insecurities and casualties to our heart and mind.  In the end if you want to live, not just be alive but really live, you need to find your inner self and get to the bottom of the greater purpose of you.  What is it that you can bring to this world that will make it a better experience for yourself and those around you that matter most. 

Spread the joy and love of who you are.

Don’t buy into peoples version of who you are supposed to be based on government standards or humanities teachings. 

Love that person inside.

I love you just the way you are.

Love me

Love what you can give to the world

Stop fighting an up hill battle for 481 pennies an hour