Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Today is a day like any other

I have a ton to do today but in the middle of the mundane tasks of living, laundry, cleaning, dishes, food preperation, chasing the three year old to get her in the tub I realized something, this is the point isn't it.

We are meant to live it, in all of its glory, failure and general sadness or boredom, we are meant to live it and in living it connect to ourselves spiritualy, who we are meant to be in this world.  What is it that pushes us to move forward and work to become something greater.

Let's face it, we all have standards we choose to live by, I suppose, seeing as I dislike laundry, I can take my family and move to a nudist colony right.  I mean who needs to really do laundry?  I choose to make this my standard of living and have a choice, we all have a choice, yet we choose not to realize that every decision we make is a choice and rather blame things on not having enough time in the day or other various issues at hand.

Even when our loss of time is not our own "fault" it is.  If your family goes into the hospital in the middle of you getting ready to go out, you choose to go see the family.  That is your choice, the way you want to live your life and how you want to be viewed by others.  It is so important to understand that we are making choices to be the best human being we want to be.  Not who others want us to be and through this, we make decisions and choices all the time.  Be one with the fact that doing laundry, cleaning dishes up and other various other activities are not needed, they are choices you make your life what you want it.

So you can choose to tend to your Garden, or not, just do something you want and be what it is you want to be and who you feel you need to be, with no guilt.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Being a Medium/Psychic/Intuitive, Blah Blah Blah

I just want to say that I HATE LABELS.

I think as soon as we label ourselves "something" we become that and can not be anything else.  "Oh your a medium?"  "No I am a large."  I mean seriously, how do I answer about what I do?

I guess if we are going to label me anything I will accept the fact that I am Celeste.  I am an individual who has a unique perspective on the world and at times knows more about a person then they realize.  I really find it quite funny when I know things about their deceased loved ones and I never met them, but to call me a Medium, urrrr, I just don't like it.

It is like people get to know you for a specific part of who you are and label you as....
"You need to talk to this lady, she is an amazing medium," but really, I am just an amazing Celeste.  Or maybe you don't think I am amazing and just so so and that's okay too, but you are reading this so you must love me anyway.

I don't think there should be distinctions, Psychic, Medium, etc, they should all have one focus and that is to be a healer.  If you want to label me something, call me a Healer, or like my son, call me a weirdo.  I really don't mind, I have embraced the fact that my normal is weird for some people.  However, when you call me a Medium there really isn't an understanding of what I am really doing, giving messages that are meant for healing. 

These messages I post here are not just for me, they are meant for others, never sure when or how they will get to them but they are meant for growth and healing.  I want to be the fertilizer in the Garden, originally I thought Sunshine and Rain, but that's your job, I just want to fertilize the potential. 

So remember, just call me Celeste.  Tend to your spiritual garden and be blessed knowing that you are not just a label, you are you, a unique individual that has great potential to grow and be whatever you choose to be.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Talking to a friend

Talking to a friend I was realizing that perception is so odd a creature.  We all can experience the very same experience in very different ways.  A real quick example is going to a church service and some people are so moved and others are disconnected from the speech being given.  This perception of the event is based on our life events up to that point, where we are at that moment, what we have gone through, are going through or even need to go through.  I mean there are other factors but that is my quick way of saying, I am not going to list every factor out and explain in detail.

I am exhausted as I write this, I am usually exhausted as I write, truth is, it's when I can write my most muddled posts but feel the most connected to an enlightening moment.

So when we talked, we talked about our spirituality, let me clarify, spirituality, not our God or our religion.  We talked about how you can not truly explain a profound spiritual moment nor could you understand some other persons profound spiritual moment.  When I meditate I become one with nothing and everything.  I feel like the world is just a symbol that will evaporate if I stayed in a meditative state long enough.  In fact, part of me believes if I went into a deep enough meditation and it was my time to leave this body it would be a transition of little to no consequence and I would still exist in a meditative state once passed on.  LOL  I can not explain my depth of connection to all things around me and that is okay, sometimes, words should not explain moments in our lives.  After all we are taught to talk about our five senses, but how many words have been created to truly express an experience that goes so far beyond ordinary.  I am not sure there is a strong enough vocabulary created for those moments of what some might call zen.

I believe we are all connected in some way and not just from the idea that we are related because we all started from one little single celled organism that decided to multiply, and then created duplicates of itself, etc, etc, etc.  I do believe in Evolution and believe it was part of the plan.  So yes in that way there are parts of my genetic code in all of you.  Just as all of you are in me, but I am talking deeper.  I find that those who meditate together find that connection in an even deeper sense. 

I am in love with my spiritual self, not so much with my human self, with the vessel which carries my soul.  This Vessel, the mind in side of this vessel wants to explain everything in a concrete manner and the other side of me wants to hush that silly child that is asking too many questions.  While the side of me that is the side that focuses on the concrete and feels it is obtaining answers is hushing that spiritual side from asking so many questions.  Each side at times feels like it is the parent to the other.  Really they are both looking for the same thing, truth, but both has a very different perception of truth.  There will never be clarity, but there will always be interesting communication between the two.

So for now, tend to your Garden, follow your path and be okay with the questions you need answered, but also be okay that there may not be any answers, at least not right now.

Blessings and love.....
I may be back to edit tomorrow.  ha ha