Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I've been absent from my Blog but not my LIFE

Life has a funny way of twisting and turning is all around.

Since my last blog in June of 2016 my father has passed away, I have moved and I got an office.

In the grand scheme of things I have not written, not just because of the events in my life but because I have been present in my life.

As weird as it sounds I have been trying to make more of an effort of being present in my life and further away from electronics.  I realize that in some ways this has been a blessing and in other ways it has created a void between my creative self and my work/mother/sister/daughter/wife self.

I had spent many years on Improv and Stand-Up, creating laughter is a passion of mine that I dropped.

I had spent many years trying to be more focused on writing, creating thought or entertainment is a passion of mine I dropped.

Sometimes life does this weird thing of redirecting our ego into different directions.  This is not always a bad thing but it is a thing.

I am not more focused on blending all of my parts into one.

The first step is more meditation and being okay with making time for the electronics.  I should not fear the thing that allows me an opportunity to reach out to those I want to.

I am presenting a class on mindfulness as I am focusing more on those things myself.  I have so much knowledge and yet I have not been implementing the techniques and information I have learned.  I have forgotten to release my fear.

As I write this I am putting out to the universe that I trust they will bring forth what I need to honor all previous obligations financially and emotionally I have made.

Blessings to all,
I hope to get back to this blog more frequently and once I start my classes back up hopefully more posts to tie in to conversations regarding the classes.


How does your Garden Grown?

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