Friday, March 2, 2018

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There is something beautiful about nothing. 
I don't know how to explain it really but to say it is simply ease.
I feel often in the quiet I am most closely connected to the source of love and light.
I would say when I am in silence I am most myself.
Silence works for me.

Here it is Friday, my phone is broken and I am looking at the computer.
I thought, what haven't I done in a while.
I have not sat in silence. 

I sat for a minute.
I realized how much I dislike human form.
I realized how much I dislike human stress.
I realized how much I dislike human disease.
I realized how much I dislike human complacency.
I realized how difficult being a human is.

I am not sure I have a solution for this condition we call life,
But it is just a condition.
A very short stay on a big world.
A very short stay in a dimension.
Then I thought, but many keep coming back.
Why do we want to come back here.


There are wonderful things

We often get stuck in the tactile sensations of human existence
We forget we are in charge of it
We choose what things we want
We choose what people we keep and let go of
We choose every day to direct our life
Yet many blame others for loss or failures
Some look at themselves for errors and get angry at themselves
None of that helps our souls grow

What does is
Sitting inside of ourselves
Releasing our fears
Our disdain for our humanness
Filling it full of LOVE
Filling the space with in our soul and heart with LOVE
Your time here may already be half over
It might be time to say goodbye tomorrow
Can you say you lived in love
You forgave yourself
Or were you always chasing the dollar
For what
A nicer car

You will still die like the rest of us
When I chase dollars
It is for basics
For food
Modest Home
I just want 


Shift perception

How does your garden grow

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