Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday ponderings


Last night I had a gallery and there was a man who came through.  His name was Al, as he was talking to his daughter he was ranting.  He was talking about how he was a hard worker and the problem with society today is we are a bunch of complainers.  Our boss is mean, oh boo hoo, go look for another job then.  Stop blaming the boss for your misery, if you are there you know how he/she is and you can just ignore it, learn how to deal with him/her.  Stand up for yourself, if you loose your job it wasn't meant to be.  Be thankful you have a job, car, roof over your head.  It's not the size of the house, the car you drive that defines success, it's how you enjoy your life!

NOW, this goes against every core of who I am.  To attack anyone because of their way of dealing with pain, hurt, crazy bosses.  However, he reminded me of a very important lesson, we sometimes choose misery.  The saying, "misery loves company", popped in my head.  It is true, in the land of social media we just have a complaint platform don't we?  People commiserate with us, send us the I am so sorry you are feeling this way posts.  Really though, no one can fix that for you.  No one is going to go up to your boss and yell at them.

When I was growing up my Dad worked 14-18 hour days nearly every day, 7 days a week.  Now I hear people bitch about only working 40 hours a week.  People love to complain, because then others complain and we have people who understand us, isn't it great?  That is the T-Rex, that is why he is here, because complaining eats everything up.  It can become a ginormous monster if we allow it, sharp teeth digging into us, destroying out joy.

Today I saw 20 complaints about daylight savings time, 7 abused dog photos, 27 complaints about the impending storm, and the list goes on.  We sit in negativity as a society sometimes, looking at all that is going wrong.  Is that because as a society we are all raised to fix things, or be a problem solver?  I am not sure but it is becoming more and more prevalent.  I have a lot of friends who have gone of social media completely and found center, balance and a better perspective of what is important to them.  

Be grateful for what you have, share when you can and if a job is making you that miserable, change it. 

How does your garden grow?


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