Thursday, March 22, 2018

Get on your knees and pray to whatever you believe in

I uttered those words on my private facebook page.  

There was an out cry of fear.  People telling me that statement is ominous.  

How can a statement of faith be ominous unless you have fear or do not truly have faith?

First let me define my God:  He is not a traditional version of God.  My God is an energy of love, compassion, kindness, unending spiritual intelligence and did I mention Love.  He is the energy we all strive to be.

Let me start from the beginning:

I walked outside with my dogs and closed my eyes.  Sadness, fear and fatigue have been plaguing me.  My truest sadness feeling that we are at the end of days.  The ending feeling ever present over my shoulder.  I closed my eyes and felt a fire burning inside of me like none I have felt before.  A rage at the state of the world, the focus on the negative and I felt a tear fall down my face.  That is the moment an overwhelming calm washed over me.  A moment of pure bliss I have now assigned this sensation after years of working with spirit to Jesus.

The download was simple, "get on your knees and pray."

We spend more time in front of the internet reading articles, fighting with people, getting angry when people do not see our point of view that we forget to just pray.

Now let me define this for you.
Pray:  to address or make a solemn request of state appreciation and thanks to a deity, god, an object of worship.

This is not about saying a traditional Hail Mary or some other traditional prayer, this is about praying, and focusing on love, appreciation.

There is a real fear, kids are being killed, focus on negative impacts of politics, letting the color of skin, religious choices, politics and a cluster of a thousand other issues divide us.  We will never agree with everything our friends think.  We will never agree with every stance on an issue or view on a topic.  We have lost friends over how we vote, whether we believe in getting rid of AR-15 or how we choose to worship.  Why are we letting the world be divided by hate and fear?

We see movements towards equality and then we fear again.  Faith is something greater than us is lost and we flounder.  WE doubt because there is suffering.  Having faith through the ugly is truly the test of our belief is it not?  Is that not the time we have to send out more positive, love and compassion.  We need to work as a community to accept other peoples belief systems and story.  

Every religion can bring about positive out comes for the members if they hear the positive messages, not the fear written into the stories.  The bible was initially from God and then Man put his hand into the work and turned it into a fear based faith.  That is not what we are supposed to follow, fear.  Fear, hate, discord leads to negativity.

The devil is not going to bring about the end of days because humans are already doing that.  They are already creating their own discord.  We are destroying ourselves, our souls and the earth.

Change you.

How does your Garden Grow?

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