Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I guess we all get lost from time to time.
Falling from our directive.
Even those we love the most can feel we fall short of their expectations.
It is there expectations though.

Is when we are trying to follow someone other person's idea of what our path should be.
I sometimes get so angry at the fact that people expect me to do or be something I can not do or be. 
I am as transparent as clear cellophane.
I open my wounds to others.
I show others I bleed.
I show my imperfections.
I argue my points.
I disagree with others.


I live on my path.
So if someone thinks I am lost, that is their perception.
If I feel like I am lost, I am probably trying to ride someone other persons expectations of me.

Authenticity means being honest with who you are.
Trying to be compassionate and loving towards others.
Not trying to hurt others when you don't agree.
But trying to find inner peace with the fact that everyone is on their own Journey!

If you think someone is lost stop and ask yourself,
Which Journey did I expect them to be on?
If a client comes to me and says, "I am lost,"
I always say,
"Whose Journey are you trying to follow?  Whose rules are you following on your Journey?"

Don't get lost,
Follow your truth
Live Authentically


When you find yourself wandering
Enjoy the journey
It's not really being lost
It's called


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